About Us

We unlock the 25th hour!

Part of the Timely team at a meetup last year.

Time is the world's most valuable resource. We want to solve it.

We're obsessed about time here at Timely. We all have the same twenty four hours starting point, every single day. Doesn't matter if you're rich or poor. Now whoever utilizes their time the best are the ones who progress faster. We call this the 25th hour. And we're on a mission to unlock it.

Creating a time tracking app is our first step in that journey and we can't believe that in 2018 that is still a task you have to do manually. We want to be the time tracking app to end time tracking.

And eventually we hope to increase world's productivity by one, two or three percent; imagine what progress could be made, and the problems we could solve.

Mini-documentary about Timely from the show 'Spirene'

Timely and our founder Mathias Mikkelsen was recently featured on a Norwegian show called 'Spirene'. This was the first episode in the series. You'll be able to see behind-the-scenes from our office in Oslo as well as learn some backstory on how Timely got started. The video includes English subtitles.

Backed by great partners

The company was founded by Mathias Mikkelsen and bootstrapped the early beginnings. In 2016 we raised $1 million USD and brought on two great investors to help take Timely to the next step.

Snø Logo
SNÖ Ventures is a seed stage venture capital firm focused on empowering the next generation of Nordic tech superstars.
500 Startups
500 Startups is a global venture capital seed fund and startup accelerator based in Silicon Valley.