Automatic time tracking benefits everyone

Written on January 29, 2018

While automatic time tracking is great for individuals, it has the power to transform whole businesses for the better. To help get your team on-board with automatic time tracking, we’ve broken down the main benefits CEOs, managers and colleagues should know about.

What is automatic time tracking?

In a sentence: automatic time tracking gets machines to track what you work on and create timesheets for you.

It uses a combination of intelligent tracking software and AI technology to figure out what you do in a day. The timesheets it produces are so accurate you can use them directly to invoice for your work. Bottom line – no one has to actively track their time ever again.

With automatic time tracking apps like Timely, you need zero training to get started; just connect the apps you use at work and go about your business! It tracks almost anything – emails sent, websites visited, documents worked on, calls received, meetings attended and time spent travelling for work. Your automatically-created timesheet will be waiting for you at the end of the day for review.

How automatic time tracking benefits your business

Automatic time tracking empowers company leaders to run a more proactive, accountable and profitable business by:

  • Capturing more billable hours
  • Reducing overhead spent tracking time
  • Accurately diagnosing business health
  • Enabling more accurate budget and project estimation
  • Steering business towards priorities
  • Freeing employees for productive work
  • Showing where all unbillable time goes
  • Centralizing company performance data in one place

Time tracking lies at the heart of any service-led company. And it’s not just a matter of profit: reputations, client relationships, business health and future development all depend on accurate, honest and efficient time tracking. So, it makes sense to have a watertight time tracking system.

Traditional time tracking requires every single one of your employees to set time aside each day and try to remember what they worked on. Automatic time tracking completely removes this overhead and is the only way to ensure every single billable activity – particularly those which fall outside of normal working hours – makes it to your company timesheets.

With more accurate data, you are better placed to review, understand and make robust plans to strengthen your business’ future. It’s the very basis of honest and accountable dealing loved by clients and investors alike.

How automatic time tracking empowers managers

Automatic time tracking helps managers coordinate more productive and efficient teams by:

  • Capturing all billable team hours
  • Tracking cross-team productivity
  • Documenting real-time team capacity
  • Facilitating resource allocation
  • Enabling more accurate project estimation
  • Highlighting remaining budgets and time retainers
  • Enabling fair distribution of project work
  • Revealing bottlenecks and inefficiencies
  • Ensuring timesheets are immediately available for each employee

By accurately recording everything employees work on, automatic time tracking gives managers a huge level of oversight. It reveals the projects that need more attention, the team members who need more support, and those with capacity for a bit more. It also makes reporting extremely precise, meaning you can make more accurate estimations for project budgets, timelines and resources.

Perhaps best of all, automatic time tracking means managers never have to chase their employees for timesheets ever again. Everything is immediately available at the end of each day for each team member – no more delayed invoicing or frustrated employees!

How automatic time tracking supports teams

Automatic time tracking supports team productivity and satisfaction by:

  • Capturing all billable hours
  • Remembering everything the team worked on
  • Creating timesheets automatically
  • Freeing time for useful productive work
  • Automatically pulling in planned work
  • Removing unproductive admin
  • Providing accurate behavioural data
  • uncovering workflow inefficiencies
  • Revealing where team members need more support

Timesheets are the bane of employees’ lives. No one can remember everything they did in minute detail, or find time to log their hours the same day. The result is a highly inaccurate list of “guessimated” work, of little use to anyone.

In contrast, automatic time tracking captures everything you work on and creates an intelligent timesheet for you. No more inaccurate data, lost billable hours spent travelling or in meetings, or wasting time on unproductive admin – everyone can return their focus to where it matters most.

Experience automatic time tracking first-hand

If you’re interested in knowing how automatic time tracking could work for your business, you can trial Timely's AI beta completely for free. Sign up as many people in your company as you like!

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