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The best team management software for growing teams

Last updated on
September 22, 2022
The best team management software for growing teams

While team management has never been the simplest task, modern ways of working have made it that bit trickier. With so many people working remotely, often dispersed across the globe over different time zones, staying on track and in tune with each other can require a huge extra effort. Thankfully there is an abundance of team management software to help – but which are the most useful for smaller teams? Which will actually scale with you as you grow? From communicating and balancing workflows, to making everyone’s work visible from one place, here’s our pick of the best team management software for growing teams.


Automatic time tracker Timely has your back on everything related to team time management. Using AI, it creates fully accurate timesheets and reports for your employees, reducing their admin burden and freeing space for productive work. Real-time team dashboards help you stay on top of team hours, capacity, workloads and overtime, keeping every employee's performance and wellbeing in focus. You can also visualize everyone's calendar from one intuitive scheduler, and plan work across multiple projects with simple drag-and-drop.



Good HR is essential to any team, but onboarding people properly keeping track of all comings and goings is especially important among smaller ones. BambooHR helps you make the whole process frictionless. It encourages new hires to e-meet their colleagues before they even enter the office, and allows them to complete all the pesky ‘new starter’ paperwork from home – that way, their first week is about integration and introductions, not admin. Moving forwards, BambooHR makes it easy to manage employees, from evaluating team performance, tracking paid time off, and organizing individual employee files.



You can’t have a list of the best team management software and not mention Slack. Though it started as a communication tool, Slack has evolved over the years into a multi-purpose platform where you can upload and share files, create collaboration channels, and plan and schedule. All communication happens in one single hub, so it’s easy to extract info and search conversations, helping growing teams stay on the same page. Slack also integrates with your existing project and task management tools, making it even less likely anything will slip through the net. Encouraging a conversational approach, Slack helps make digital team communication natural and easy – a refreshing alternative to the heavy formality of email.



Another allrounder is Proworkflow, which allows you to manage your team, tasks, projects and resources from one dashboard, meaning you spend less time managing these processes yourself. With centralized messaging and collaboration, team file sharing, shared content management and cooperative writing, there are many ways that Proworkflow helps you optimize team collaboration and communication, and balancing workloads is smooth and painless with the resource allocation and management tools. As a final perk, keeping control of finances is also easier when you take advantage of its expenses management capabilities.

Troop Messenger

Teamwork is more organized with Troop Messenger! Initiate work conversations within this tool to make your team communication smooth and productive with its powerful set of work collaboration features.Everyone can meet on the same page on discussing task updates, sharing the screen contents, and more with Troop Messenger’s advanced group calling facility. It makes you reach the shared work files, team mates, and workgroups faster using its well developed search filters. It never lets you kill your productive time by switching between your most used applications. You can find all those integrations within it.

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