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Drag and drop your memories

Last updated on
September 28, 2022
Drag and drop your memories

Summer just got a whole lot sweeter. We’ve made some huge UI changes to make managing your memories even more intuitive. From slick drag-and-drop functionality on desktop and web, to a polished experience on Android, drink in your ice-cold new Timely updates.

Drag-and-drop Memory magic

We’ve just released some nifty Memory updates — including magical drag-and-drop functionality — which make it much easier to log memories to your timesheet. Your AI can still draft entries for you, but whenever you choose to log an entry manually, you can now drag-and-drop memories between your Memory Inbox and timesheet to add them to an existing entry or create a new one:

Create an entry

It also works the other way, so you can drag memories from an entry back to your Memory Inbox to unlink them, or drag them to a different entry to reassign them. And to ensure your workspace stays neat, you can easily collapse and expand memory details for each entry:

Hide Memories

No more pop-ups, pointless middle steps or fiddling about — logging memories just got a whole lot quicker (and cooler 😎)!

Make time entry notes mandatory

It’s a small one, but it’s mighty! 💪🏽 You can now make it mandatory for your employees to include notes whenever they log time entries to certain projects. It’s ideal for projects that require precise detail — whether they’re experimental or budget-restricted, or are for clients who request granular updates. It also just makes a lot of sense if you want a better appreciation of the work your employees put into different tasks. To enable it, just hit the toggle under the ‘Project details’ section when creating a project or editing an existing one (available for customers on the Business, Professional or Enterprise plan).


A fresh helping of Android goodness

In case you don’t yet take advantage of Timely’s mobile apps, you’re seriously missing out. Since we’re always improving our mobile experience, working with Timely across your devices is beautifully simple. As a case in point, Timely for Android has received some exciting new additions this month which make managing time on-the-go even easier.

A new Memory timeline

Enjoy your stunning new Memory timeline! We’ve completely refreshed the UI to provide all the detail you need while keeping things breathable. As on web or desktop, you can see all your daily tracked memories in one clean space, including where different activities overlap:


Using the buttons in the top-right menu, you can search your memories and apply filters to customize your view. You’ll can also immediately grasp the status of each memory — whether they have been logged (faded gray), ignored (transparent), attached to an AI draft entry (striped), or still need to be logged (strong color). While we were there, we added some neat interactive elements that make it easier to manage your timeline on a smaller screen! Double tap on any memory you want to manage — this will reveal a details drawer where you can ignore, delete, restore or add it to a project:

timeline details

Alternatively, single tap a selection of memories to manage them as a group:

timeline selection

Happy tapping! 🕺🏼

A smarter calendar

Parallel to the changes we’ve recently made for iOS, we’ve outfitted your Android Timely calendar with some smart new tricks to expedite entry logging. A little dot now appears under any day containing one or more new AI drafts:


And individual calendar days now display a graded color to indicate the amount of hours you have logged against them — faint green represents only a few hours, and strong green represents several:

calendar colours

These visual aids essentially help guide your attention, highlighting the holes in your logging and new issues that require your input. Play around, let us know what you think and — if you have two seconds — please review us on the Play Store! ❤️

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