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Freshly hatched goodies 🐥

Last updated on
September 22, 2022
Freshly hatched goodies 🐥

We’re having a bountiful Spring, with fresh load of tweaks and updates to make your automatic time tracking even better. From a powerful new suite of web reporting controls, to a whole new “team lead” role, enjoy the new brood of Timely goodies!

Details galore for web reporting

Your web reporting experience just got a whole lot nicer. We’ve expanded a lot of the UI and cleaned it up, so reviewing and editing data is simple and a whole lot more zen. 👌🏼 You can now review time entry details and edit them directly from a report you’re working on, without jumping back to your timeline or Hours view. There’s a ton of new information available in there, which you can show or hide as you need, so you only ever see what’s relevant. Here’s what’s new:

Edit entries directly from your Reports view

Noticed some incorrect data in the report you’re building? No need to hop over to your Hours or Company view to change it; you can now tweak directly from where you are. Just click on any entry to edit it.


See timestamps, notes, dates and tags for specific entries

There’s a world of information now available for the hours listed in your report. See notes and tags tied to a specific entry, as well the exact date it relates to and the timestamp logged. Everything can be expanded or collapsed as you need to keep your view clean. Just click on “Options” at the top-right of your chart and select what you want from the drop-down. Here’s what it looks like for timestamps:


Update your entries in bulk

Want to apply an action to all the entries of a specific project at once? Don’t injure your index finger — select or deselect them all in one click.

select all

Scrolling report header

Minimize your crazed scrolling with our new sticky report header. If you’re selecting entries for a particular group action, the controls will now move with you.


A cleaner Report homepage

We’ve tidied up your main Reports page and introduced some new names to help you get where you need to go faster. You can now flick between a panel and list view of your reports, the latter offering details on who created it and the chart types it contains. You can also filter between reports — choosing to see everyone’s, or just your own.

Reports home

Jump to reports from a user’s page

Want to quickly refer to a project listed on an individual user’s page? You can now jump to it directly from their activities list!

Clickable report

Filter team activities by type

As you may already know, Timely’s AI now flags any unusual logging behavior alongside all your team’s latest activities. To speed up your review, you can now filter your activities by group — whether you’re interested in seeing just Regular activities, Insights or Predictions.


New “log your hours” button

It’s a small one, but it’s super handy. You can now send people a reminder to log their hours directly from their user page in Timely. Spend even less time chasing outstanding time sheets!


Manage your “Memory Inbox” on mobile

Last month we unveiled a brand spanking new Memory, with a smooth new UI for training Timely’s AI to draft time entries for you (check out all the changes here). We mostly focused on what this means for Timely’s web and desktop apps, but there are some exciting new developments for mobile too. You can now manage memories and train your personal AI on-the-go from your iOS or Android device. It all happens from a place we like to call the Memory Inbox:


Just click on that little brain icon from your Hours view to review all your automatically tracked memories. The number indicates how many new memories are waiting for you. As on web and desktop, there are two ways of viewing your memories: List or Timeline.


Under List, you’ll see all your unlogged memories for any given day. Click into it to review details, link it to a project or hit “Ignore” to signal that you don’t want Timely to log this type of memory in future.


You can also link unlogged memories to projects from the main List view in a single click — just tap on one of the projects Timely has suggested for the work.


Every time you link a memory to a project, you train Timely’s AI. You essentially teach it which types of work are associated with which projects, so that Timely’s can get better at drafting accurate time entries for you. So now you have another reason not to play Candy Crush on your commute home. 💎 We’ve also added some helpful visual clues to your calendar to help managing drafts and hours easier. You’ll see this little dot below any calendar day that contains one or more draft entries:


And your days will also change color according to the number of hours you have logged against them:


Immediately spot the holes in your time sheet or see where you’ve been working too hard!

Edits on Web auto-update on iOS

On a related note, we’ve released some sweet iOS code which auto-updates any changes you make to time entries between your iOS and other Timely apps. Before, whenever you logged or updated a time entry from your Web or Desktop apps, you had to manually refresh your Hours screen in iOS for them to appear. Now, anything you do on your time entries in Web and Desktop are automatically updated in real-time on iOS — and vice versa — including:

  • Creating, editing or deleting entires
  • Creating, accepting or rejecting AI draft entries
  • Starting a timer in one app and stopping it in another

Less faff, more action. 😎

Super-quick project loading

This last one’s for you absolute powerhouses, with tons of active projects on the go. To ensure Timely can match your pace, we’ve just optimized the way projects load, so moving around the Project tab is now a whole lot faster. For those interested in the technical details, we now:

  • load projects only when needed and only once, instead of multiple times. Previously, “active” and “archived” projects were fetched from our servers whenever visiting the Projects or Reports pages, even when the data within them hadn’t changed.
  • use an improved rendering technique called “virtualization” on the Project page for an added performance boost (those of you with lots of projects per client will see this most clearly)
  • load a simplified projects list for accounts with over 100 active projects, reducing its size by about 85%. Additional details on the main Project page now load on demand, instead of by default.

We’ll be extending the the last one to the project dropdown for your time entry editor, as well as project filters, and rolling out virtualization to other areas of the app, so you can enjoy Timely at full throttle. 🚀

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