Increase employee productivity with time tracking

Written 02 February, 2018, 2 minutes to read

Time tracking isn’t just about logging hours and timesheets. The data it generates is a gold mine for increasing productivity. With the right time tracking tools, you and your team can significantly boost efficiency, motivation and productive focus without expending any extra effort.

How time tracking increases employee productivity

Manage a balanced workload

Tracking your team’s hours gives you an accurate overview of everyone’s capacity. You can see who is close to burnout, who completed a big project and wants more to do, and who needs a bit more help to stay on-track. It results in shared effort, effective resource allocation and proactive support – all great traits of highly productive teams. It also ensure you can distribute the workload fairly to create a team of motivated equals.

See what blocks productivity

Tracking time highlights all the obstacles in the way of your productive work. These can be anything from pointless meetings, cumbersome processes and routine admin tasks. By seeing where the majority of your unbilled hours go, you can work out the biggest drains on your productive efficiency. Time tracking also reveals where you distract yourself, along with stinging stats on the cumulative impact of your bad habits. It puts you in a better position to introduce effective change – from automating basic admin and changing your availability for communication, to creating a more productive working environment.

Focus on what matters most

By showing what you work on and for how long, time tracking lets you keep your priorities in-check. Are you actually prioritising the most valuable work? Do you dedicate enough time to the most important tasks, or are they threatened by lower-value ones? People are also most motivated when they feel valuable and useful. We get an immediate pay-off when we see a project we worked on go live, and a great sense of achievement to something bigger than ourselves. By seeing where everyone spends their time, you can ensure everyone is part of the big successes.

Use time more productively

Tracking time has the added benefit of making you more aware of its passing. It can be a huge motivational presence – visually seeing a progress bar moving down your daily timeline creates positive pressure to do something with your time. Greater awareness of the value of time leads to a greater drive to make your hours count. By seeing how long specific tasks tend to take you, you also get a greater feeling of control and ownership over your time, and can make more realistic and achievable estimates for future work.

The best time tracking tools are automatic

If your key motivation to use time tracking is to increase productivity, you shouldn’t waste any extra time doing it. We created Timely for this very reason – to automate the essential admin that stops your team from focusing on productive work. As the first automatic time tracker app to use AI, Timely is able to:

  • Track everything you work on in the background
  • Log your hours and create your timesheets
  • Represent your team’s activity in a single dashboard
  • Provide powerful reporting for discovering insights

Trial the entire app for 14-days for free, signing up as many people you think could benefit from an effortless productivity boost.

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