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Introducing Automatic Time Tracking

Last updated on
September 28, 2022
Introducing Automatic Time Tracking

We’re literally exploding with excitement as we introduce you to Automatic Time Tracking!! It’s the easiest way to accurately track all of your time. Completely automatically. From here on out you will be able to hook up the tools you love with Timely, like Google Calendar, Trello, Asana, Github, or any other available app you lean on to get your work done right. We know, we know — we’ve got your riled up now so let’s get into the nitty gritty.

404 Human Error

As we dug deeper and deeper in to your pains and your experiences while time tracking, we understood the problem was deeply embedded inside the temporal lobes of each and every one of us. We found a key aspect was memory and our ability to remember. "What do you mean by that?", you say. Well, most time tracking services today require you to remember what you did each day at a certain time of day. Think now, can you remember everything you did yesterday at 2PM? Probably not, and if you can you’re a freaking elephant (because elephants have the greatest memory). Some folks (yes, including us) have tried to hammer out this problem by giving you a timer, letting you start and stop it as you work on a task. This gives you your accurate time spent on each task, right? WRONG. Why? Simple–we forget to start and stop those timers. So, you could have been working on your marketing campaign for an hour already but now you’ll probably underestimate yourself, starting your timer from 45 mins. This method is clearly broken.

Automation Is Our Future

Now, we’re taking a totally new approach, helping you easily and effortlessly figure out exactly what you do day-to-day, all through automation. We all know the robots are taking over, so we figured we’d contribute to the movement and ease the transition. How will automation help, you may ask? Well, keeping track of what we do is not necessarily a fun or enjoyable task to have to do every–single–workday. It’s more of an annoyance and burden that’ll drive you mad. With that said, it surely doesn’t mean you should waste your valuable productive time for something that should be automated in this day in age, especially when your boss is breathing down the back of your neck for your weekly timesheet. So, we’re basically taking our ten blade, cutting this fun–sucking task out like cancer, throwing it out the window for the dogs to eat, and giving you something that will take all your pain away. Imagine this: Every place you go is logged. Every program you dabble in–logged. Every phone call you make–logged. The amount of time you spend e-mailing clients–logged. Every adjustment you make to your code–logged. All without you having to put in much effort. Now that’s easy. With Day View, you won’t really need to remember what you did at all because we’re putting all that big data to use. Each tool you connect with Timely brings in those big fat juicy stacks of data. This includes tasks, websites, software programs, GPS locations, your e-mails, all providing the whos, whats, whens, and whys of what you’re accomplishing each and every day. With automation you can convert those wasted hours figuring out what you’ve been doing into dolla dolla bills, ya’ll. Check out how it all works:

Create Clear-Cut Detailed Entries

Connect the tools you use every day and Timely will import your daily data. Combine your work activities and create logical entries for your timesheets. Just click and done.

conneting apps on Timely

Developers can log any commits from GitHub. Your Product team can track their roadmap progress with daily updates from their Trello boards. The Design team can stack up their time spent on a marketing campaign in Sketch using the Wakatime integration, all that and more. It’s really that simple; filling out timesheets has never been easier! Wham-bam-thank-ya-Sam! You’ll really never forget a billable minute again!

Customize Your Workspace

We felt it was important that you are able to create your own workflow and workspace. Everyone works differently, so it’s ideal to have a flexible changeable workspace. Rearrange your Day view to suit you and optimize your time tracking set-up. If you have ba-billion e-mails you write every day, drag that to the top so you see those straight away. Or perhaps you’re a lefty, always working in Github – slap those to the upper-left side. Click and log. There are a plethora of other widgets that we’ll integrate as time presses on, building your perfect Day view with apps and tools you can’t live without. We’ll make your most hated task of time tracking the most enjoyable it’s ever been. If you can’t find an app that you think would be perfect to hook up in your workspace, let us know at support@timelyapp.com and we’ll check it out.

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