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Introducing individual capacity

Last updated on
September 28, 2022
Introducing individual capacity

July in Norway = mass vacationing but that hasn’t stopped us from pushing out a few sumptuous Timely treats for you to enjoy. The main course is all about customizing team work hours: you can now set an individual capacity for each employee for even easier group time management. For dessert, we have a few small goodies for Memory for Mac and Control. Bon appetit!

🍽 Set an individual employee capacity

Using Timely with external consultants or part-time staff? We’ve just added a new individual capacity feature to make it easier to manage varying weekly hours across your team. It’s especially useful for managing employee overtime and planning resources according to actual availability.

While you can still define a default weekly capacity for your whole team in Settings Workspace, with individual capacity you can override this to set a custom capacity for a specific user.Just click “Edit user” and scroll to the “Projects and hourly rates” section to set an employee’s new weekly capacity. You can enter any total, to the whole or half hour (e.g. 3 hours or 3.5 hours).

Note: this feature only available on team plans

From the "All Users" tab in the People page, you can then monitor every employee’s logged hours and remaining capacity for the week. If your Timely plan includes the People Dashboard, you can head there too for a more historic overview: just hover on any work week to reveal the finer details.

We’ve also adjusted the “Missing hours” and “Overtime” filters on the People Dashboard, so you can now review your team’s logged hours as a proportion of each employee’s weekly capacity. It lets you easily spot who’s working too much and who hasn’t yet met their weekly total across all the different working arrangements in your team.

Towards the top of the People dashboard, you can also review capacity for a specific group. Just adjust your filters for the users you want to see and hover over any week on the bar chart:

On the employee side, users will now get a warning when logging time (whether manually or using AI drafts) whenever they are about to exceed their capacity:

🥃 A little digestif

We’re continually revisiting functionality across all our apps to keep your Timely experience as intuitive and simple as possible. Among the smaller improvements we’ve made this month, we want to highlight three of particular distinction:

Schedule Memory on Mac

You can now also schedule when you want Memory to automatically capture your Mac activity, which is ideal if you use a personal computer for work. Anything outside of your scheduled work hours won’t be recorded.

Faster Memory uploads

Memory for Mac now uploads up to 600 memories per minute to your private timeline — that’s five times faster than before! This reduces the lag between you performing an action on your computer and seeing a corresponding memory appear in Timely.

Improved color coding for logged hours

We’ve changed the color grading used in the “All Users” tab on your People page (AKA the Control feature) and the People Dashboard to make it easier to understand your team’s performance in relation to their capacity. If a user goes a few hours over their capacity, their record will display in yellow; if they log over 125% of their capacity, they’ll enter the red zone.

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