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Introducing the new People dashboard

Last updated on
September 22, 2022
Introducing the new People dashboard

This month you’ve gained not one but TWO cool new features! In case you missed it, you have a brand new project and team planning tool for scheduling time like a boss. We’ve also built a smart new People dashboard to help you manage team performance more intelligently. And, of course, we’ve slipped in a few slick updates for mobile and desktop too! It all feeds into our underlying commitment to build tools that help you take more meaningful action — whether that’s improving the quality of collaboration or freeing up time for the work you love. Enjoy your new goods!

The People dashboard — management made easy

You can’t get the best results from your team without knowing what each individual is dealing with, and with our new People dashboard, managing team performance is that bit easier. The dashboard provides a whole load of new team diagnostics to help coordinate resources and keep your team working effectively. Gauge team capacity, workload and availability in a glance, visualize company performance week-on-week, and group notify those with incomplete timesheets. Take a peek!

Top Image - People Dashboard@2x

⏱ Total weekly hours

You can now understand your whole team’s weekly capacity and profitability just by looking at one bar chart. It pulls everyone’s logged hours together in one place, and uses color to visualize the proportion of billable hours and overtime. Grasp how your company performed week-on-week in one clean view.

Hours logged per week@2x

Just hover over each weekly bar chart for a breakdown of billable, non-billable and overtime hours. The total capacity for each week is currently set to 40 hours per user, but we’re looking to make this customizable. You can filter your view by time period or user — including teams. Expand your view to review up to 12 weeks of company performance at once.

👩🏻‍💻 Employee workload

This is the section of the People page you already know and love, but we’ve remodelled it to include some intuitive new controls.


You’ll notice that each colored square now represents a user’s total weekly logged hours, where it previously represented a single day. Adjusting your time filters changes how many weeks you see at a time. You can click on any square to reveal a quick breakdown of a specific user’s logged hours, and from here click directly to their individual user page. We’ve continued to use color to signal the health of an employee’s workload — where grey indicates 0 logged or planned hours, light green indicates more than 0 hours, and dark green indicates they have met their weekly capacity. We’ve also kept the capacity bar to the right as a simple visual aid, which instantly highlights the billable percentage of a user’s activity, as well as any overtime they’ve worked.

🕹 Smart filters

Just above the list of user hours, you’ll notice two new quick filter buttons for organizing your team’s time: Missing hours and Overtime.

Missing hours reveals all unaccounted company time broken down by user. It immediately shows the gaps in employee timesheets, and you can filter to specify the number of of missing hours you want to see. To save you the trouble of chasing employees individually, just hit the bell icon next to a user’s name to notify them to log their hours. Alternatively, hit the green “Notify group” button in the top right to send automatic prompts to everyone on your filtered list.


Overtime is the easiest way to manage compliance with working hours regulations. You can quickly visualize where people work beyond their contractual hours, helping you to proactively identify unmanageable workloads and staff shortages, and protect your team against burnout. It’s an indispensable tool for EU companies, who are now legally obliged to keep accurate records of all employee hours. The new People dashboard goes a huge way towards making team resource management more straightforward and proactive. It’s currently available to all Business, Professional and Growth plans — to get your hands on it, head to Settings Subscription and make the switch today!

New Android magic

We’re not done yet! Here’s your fresh helping of Android UI goodness, to make managing and logging time on the go even easier. 📱 Check out the smooth new moves you can pull to create a timestamp entry on your Timeline: Tap and hold any free space, or click on the blue button at the bottom to enter timestamp mode.


A default one-hour timestamp will appear. Touch and drag it to adjust your timeframe, and tap the memories related to it. Once you’re happy with your selection, hit “Create Entry” to log it!


Memory for Mac notifications

If you use Memory for Mac or Timely for iOS, you’ll notice you now have a brand new Notifications tab! It’s your one-stop shop for keeping up-to-date with key actions across all your projects and workspaces. Just click the brain icon to check what needs your attention. Memory for Mac:


Timely for iOS:


Clicking on a notification will direct you to the right place in Timely, so you get straight to the heart of the action. 💪🏼

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