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Jira, Zoom and donuts

Last updated on
September 28, 2022
Jira, Zoom and donuts

Two integrations in one month? We’ve only gone and done it. Admins can now connect custom Jira and Zoom integrations for everyone in their workspace. We’ve also released the first stage of our Reports revamp, unrolling a smarter UI and brand new Donut chart. Enjoy!

Dive deeper with our custom Jira integration

Timely can now show you the fine details of how you spend your time in Jira — from editing projects and adding comments, to changing the status of an issue. With our new integration, you can analyze project and task management down to the individual Jira ticket or issue.

Whenever you work on a Jira ticket, a granular memory will appear in Timely. This extra detail helps to ensure all project work is assigned to the right client for billing, as well as giving you a better understanding of your own project management efforts. Provided you’re an admin on both Timely and Jira, just head to Settings Integrations to set it up!

Integrate Zoom for your entire team in a click

You can now connect Zoom for everyone on your Timely team with our workspace-level integration. If you’re the admin for your Zoom and Timely accounts, just head to Settings Integrations to get started.Once connected, every user on your Timely workspace who joins a Zoom call will start getting Zoom details in their private Timeline — from the full duration of each call, to who they spoke to when. They don’t have to integrate anything themselves, since you’ve already done the job for them!

Report your data with donuts 🍩

We’re completely revamping Reports to make data visualization even easier. That means more customizations, more charts and more data processing power to help you build clever real-time dashboards for effortless analysis.We’ve just rolled out the first stage of the revamp, which includes an intuitive new UI and a crisper design for configuring charts. In addition to Bar and Table widgets, you can now select a new Donut chart which is ideal for comparing proportions and percentages across clients and projects.

We’ve also refined our PDF report format so tables are easier to read. 👓Head to Reports to take a look around, or read this article to explore everything you can do in Reports. Stage two coming soon!


In addition to Google Single Sign On (SSO), you can now log into Timely using your Apple account too. Just click the new Apple button to set it up!

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