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Location, location, location

Last updated on
September 28, 2022
Location, location, location

Ready for an adventure? We’ve got your back. Or rather, your feet. From now on – wherever you wander – Timely’s location tracker for mobile can show exactly where you’ve been and for how long. It’s launching on Android today and coming to iOS very shortly.

location web@2x

Creepy? Not really (only you can see this data). Helpful? You bet!

Discover more billable hours 💰

Capture time spent in different locations to get a more accurate picture of how long tasks actually take. Like that client meeting; the invite said 30 minutes but you took 15 minutes to get there, it started 5 minutes late, and then overran by a further 10 (and let’s not forget the 15 minutes to get back). Like in in the meeting below. What do you want to bill?

location logging

Track all movement 👟

Location tracking is a godsend for several situations:

  • For off-site commitments and freelancers working for different clients throughout the day.
  • For people like our founder, Mathias. He loves to do “walking Skypes” and is now able to track them in his timeline by understanding how long he was away from the office.
  • To get an automatic total of how much time you actually spent in the office.

The more context you have, the easier it is to quickly log hours.

How to track your location

The location tracker lives inside Memory, so it’s completely private to you and only you. To start tracking it, head on over to the Memory tab on Timely for Android. Then tap Apps in the top right corner and toggle on “Track location”. Accept the following popups and you’re all done!

phone location android@2x

The tracker uses whatever’s available – GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth – to pinpoint your location. Your movements will appear automagically in your Memory timeline. So, enjoy! We’ll soon be adding other types of activities, like walking, running and using transport, so you get even more useful data all in one place. Off you trot 🐐

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