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Mammoth update: web and iOS reporting, Android projects, APIs, Memory logic

Last updated on
September 22, 2022
Mammoth update: web and iOS reporting, Android projects, APIs, Memory logic

Sitting comfortably? We’ve got a ton of cool new Timely functionality to update you on fire — from individual website memories, Android project management and iOS reporting goodness, to an automatically updating API. Let’s walk through what’s new!

New Android project controls

Project management on Android just got a lot more powerful. Each individual project page now displays a wealth of information, so there’s no need to switch to the web app to get the latest news on your projects.

We’ve swapped out this single project details page:

Android proj prev

For this 3-tab wonder:

project home-2

Budget progress bars, logged vs. planned totals, a cumulative chart of all project time, hours logged per user, project tags and activity breakdowns — it’s all there to see. Just click through “Status”, “Activities” and “Hours” tabs to tailor your view. You can also click on any user or tag for additional details.

And remember this screen when you come to create a project on Android?

Android create prev

Well that’s got a whole lot snazzier too:


We’ve brushed up the UI and kitted out each project variable with new controls. Apply and manage project tags, set individual rates for different team members, and get projects off the ground on-the-go. The full Timely project management experience at your fingertips? Believe it.

Expanded reporting on iOS

Remember back last year when we released a ton of new reporting super powers on web? Well, you can now enjoy the same functionality on iOS! It makes reporting on-the-go a lot easier and more insightful. You can now access our ready-made report templates — or any you’ve created previously on your Timely web app — then share them with clients and stakeholders in seconds via a private URL:


At the moment, you can only open and share reports created on your web app. But we’re working on iOS report template creation, so stay tuned! 📻

Minty fresh API documentation

Want to build a custom Timely integration for your company? Look no further than our brand new API documentation. We’ve completely revamped the UI using the popular platform Slate. The document should now be much easier to use, with detailed explanations for each parameter and sample requests lending greater clarity to all API requests. The code behind it is also completely automated (you know we love an automation), so any changes our developers make will now automatically update. It’s great news for anyone using the document — including our own dev teams! Our Mobile and Frontend teams use it daily to develop new features. 😎 If you develop something you think others would find useful, feel free to share the code with us and we’ll build it into Timely for others to enjoy!

Hyper-detailed browser memories

Firefox users, consider your prayers answered — we’ve just improved the logic behind browser memory groupings, so you can now see every website you visited broken down in your timeline.

We’ve moved from this:


To this:


Instead of one nondescript block of browser time, you now get the granular detail on where that time went; you can see exactly how long you spend on each website. We’re now working to add icons for all those websites, so it’s even easier to scan your web activity. But it’s not just for Firefox — this logic now applies to all browsers on Mac and Windows, so you’ll be able to access the same level of detail in Timely whatever tools you work with. Like what you see? Send your feedback, feature ideas and questions to hello@timelyapp.com.

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