Meet Dewo: your personal “deep work” assistant

Updated on:
February 21, 2023
Created on:
November 29, 2019

We are exceptionally proud to introduce our second AI tool, Dewo.

Dewo is built around a concept very close to our hearts: deep work. As a free-to-use tool designed for individuals, it’s accessible to anyone who wants to do more of the work that matters to them. It represents the next step in our Memory mission, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

As a beta, we’d love to hear all and any feedback you have.

Fixing knowledge work

Work as we know it today is broken. The virtually-connected workplace contains a never ending supply of distractions in the form of notifications, emails and social media. They make it impossible to focus fully on any single task or prioritize work that actually drives us forward.

Dewo is a direct response to this “digital dissonance”. It recognizes the superior value of deep, cognitively demanding work over the shallow tasks that pepper our days. In the first instance, it’s a tool for translating Cal Newport’s deep work concept into quantifiable practice. But at heart, Dewo is an intelligent “deep work assistant”, actively helping people focus on the work that matters.

Where Timely aims to automate low-value shallow work, Dewo seeks to reclaim space for deep concentration. It is the next step in our mission to deliver a better future of work — to build tools that help you reconnect with your purpose.

What is Dewo?

Dewo is your personal assistant for doing deep work.

It uses machine learning to dissect your productive patterns and actively helps you work smarter. You effectively get your own Deep Work Algorithm, trained using your data alone — which means Dewo’s outputs are tailored to your individual way of working.

What does Dewo do?

Where many productivity tools offer dry analytics, Dewo offers actionable opportunity. It responds to your real-time activity and offers advice based on its insights. Dewo actively helps you do more deep work by:

1. Automatically blocking notifications

Dewo can identify when you enter a flow state. By following your activity, it will automatically block web and desktop notifications whenever you reach deep work.

2. Optimizing your calendar for deep work

No work gets done in the 30-minute intervals between meetings. Dewo can intelligently reschedule your calendar events to free up more space for prolonged deep concentration.

3. Advising you on how to work smarter

By analyzing everything you do across web and desktop, Dewo identifies the conditions that produce your best work. It can recommend the optimal location, duration and time of day for regular deep work. To support your performance, it also highlights intrusive apps and unproductive tasks, quantifies the productive cost of meetings and totals your context switching.

Want to kick the tyres?

Dewo is completely free to use and private to you alone! We’re still figuring a few bits and pieces out, but you’re welcome to poke around the beta — sign up for early access here!