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Memory magic for mobile

Last updated on
September 28, 2022
Memory magic for mobile

Ready for some dreamy new UI? We’ve just released some cool new tricks on iOS and Android, creating a much more fluid Memory experience on mobile. For those of you on the Company plan, you’ve also gained a new “team lead” role! Let’s take a walk. 🚶🏾

Enjoy a smarter Memory experience on mobile

Memory just got a whole lot snazzier on iOS and Android — take a look at your shiny new UI for even faster mobile time management!

Memory for iOS

All your AI draft entries are now located inside your Memory Inbox. The new banner on your main Day view tells you how many new drafts you have to review. Just click on the banner or the brain icon to navigate to your drafts.


The Memory Inbox is where all time logging action happens. You’ll see a list of all the time entries Timely’s AI has created for you, along with the tracked memories it’s linked to each entry. You just need to tap “Review” to look at its suggestion and then approve it to your public timesheet. For any drafts you don’t want to log, just hit “Ignore” — this teaches the AI what activities you don’t want to log in future. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll also find a list of unlogged memories. Just tap on a memory and enjoy the new drawer UI to quickly see more details.


This list of unlogged memories represents all the activities your AI doesn’t yet know how to categorize. By adding them to projects, you effectively tell your AI where different activities belong. This improves the accuracy of your AI drafts and automates more of the timesheet creation process. Hitting “Add to project” reveals another expandable drawer. Scroll up to select from a list of suggested projects, or use the search bar to locate the right project for the memory.


Just note that adding unlogged memories to projects won’t add them to your timesheet — you can either let Timely’s AI add them to drafts entries for you, or manually create a draft for them yourself.

Memory for Android

As an Android user, you’re probably already familiar with how the Memory Inbox works, but we’ve made some slick UI changes to make reviewing drafts and managing unlogged memories even easier, starting with a much cleaner look for the Memory Inbox List view:


It’s now much easier to identify and log your different AI draft entries. There’s a little running total at the top, so you can quickly see how many drafts are awaiting your approval, and your actions are now much more obvious — just hit Accept to log them to your timesheet, or Reject to tell your AI not to log these activities. You can also filter your view List view in the top right, choosing between “logged”, “unlogged”, “ignored” and “all” memories. We’ve also given your “Manage memories” page a new lick of paint:


This page appears when you tap on an AI draft entry, and gives you the option to remove or add to its selection. Unlogged memories towards the bottom of the screen now benefit from a new filter, helping you locate related memories quicker. Individual memory details can now be found at the bottom of your “Manage memories” page, so you don’t have to click further and further into a UI rabbit hole:


Set a “team lead” on the Company plan

For those of you on the Company plan, you can now set a Team Lead for each of your teams in Timely. This person will be able to see and report on all hours for anybody within their team, across all the projects they are working on. The idea is to enable better management and delegation within Timely; you can now give someone the ability to manage their team members, without granting them account-wide data access. They won’t be able to see the logged hours/money of other departments, create projects or invite users to Timely. Any user access level (whether Limited, Normal or Admin) can be assigned the role, and you can actually grant it to more than one person. Just make your selection when creating or editing an existing team:

team lead II

In case you missed it, we’ve also released a few extra goodies for the Company plan:

  • Filter by “users” and “teams” in Reports
  • Jump from user to team from the Hours page
  • Use a handy new switch button in Hours to jump between Solo and Company views

As always, have a play, kick the tyres and let us know what you think! ❤️

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