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Integrations, Memory logging and a COVID-19 gift

Last updated on
September 28, 2022
Integrations, Memory logging and a COVID-19 gift

This month, you’ve gained a shiny new Azure AD integration. We’ve also tweaked your Hours editor to make logging memories even easier, and added a few bonus access level controls. But first, a small present to hopefully brighten your day…

Unlimited Memory history on all Timely plans!

The global COVID-19 remote work experiment has brought new urgency to work visibility. For those of you using our automatic Memory app, this isn’t a problem; you already have a flawless private timeline of each work day. But if you’re subscribed to one of our smaller plans, you can only access a few days of Memory history.That changes today — as of now, all our plans offer completely unlimited Memory history as standard. That means everyone can see everything they’ve ever worked on since first enabling Memory, regardless of their plan. Complete data, complete visibility. 🥂

Import Azure AD users into Timely

Microsoft Azure AD users rejoice! You can now integrate your account with Timely to quickly add your organization to Timely and enable super-speedy single sign on (SSO). This will also sync your workspaces, so that any users you add or delete in Azure AD will automatically update in Timely.

Once you’ve completed the integration, your imported users will appear as “Pending” in Timely. They will be assigned “Employee” access level by default, and won't belong to any projects. You also won’t be charged for them until they sign into Timely for the first time — ensuring you only pay for those who actually need to use Timely.

Provided you’re an Azure AD admin, head to Settings Integrations to set it up. As the Identity Provider for your Microsoft account, you’ll need to complete a few steps post-integration. We’ve broken these down for you here in the “SP (Service Provider) configuration” section.

Even smarter Memory logging

Logging hours from your Memory Inbox just got easier! Whenever you drag memories to your Hours editor, they will now appear at the bottom of your entry — and you can quickly scroll through them to review what you’ve linked.

Dragging them across will also remove them from your “Unlogged” backlog, so you never log the same memory twice. With a clearer separation between logged and unlogged memories, it should also be easier to spot work that hasn’t yet been assigned to a project.While we were at it, we also moved your project selector to the top of the editor, for easier quick-fire logging. 💥

Hide hourly rates for for Managers

Hot off the back of last month’s new user access levels, we’ve added a bonus control which lets you hide hourly rates for Managers:

Users with this check enabled will only see time budget value and progress for projects they are a part of; they won’t be able to see any money budget values or spend history, update money budgets or hourly rates, or create projects with money budgets.

Last but not least…

  • Idle time now appears in the Memory for Windows Today tab for quick logging
  • Managers can now quickly search and add users to their projects on Android
  • Enjoy improved stability for local Memory uploads on Mac
  • Delete memories in bulk for a specific time frame from Settings Profile
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