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Timely just got reporting superpowers

Last updated on
September 28, 2022
Timely just got reporting superpowers

Drop everything you’re doing and check out Timely’s ridiculously powerful all-new reporting superpowers. We’ve revamped everything. New categories, chart visuals, templates, easy exporting and URL links for quick sharing. Our simple chart builder lets you create awesome personalized reports to track anything you care about.

reports intro@2x

Our old reporting kind of sucked, so we decided to rebuild everything from scratch. You can now get insights on anything, from productivity and how you spend your time, to what projects and clients are actually profitable. It’s completely customizable — make your reports as simple or complex as you like at any scale.

Create dynamic custom templates

Select the “Reports” tab from your main menu to start the magic. Behold the shiny new Reports page:

super-report-1 BODY@2x

Here you can see an overview of the historic templates you’ve created and saved. There’s also information on shared reports, so you can quickly see if clients have actually viewed them and can revoke access if needed.

Create a template

Let’s get on to the really cool stuff – creating a template. Tap the “New template” button in the top-right to get to the creation page. Here you can choose from a set of charts to create a bespoke report template to your own taste. You can simply choose one chart, or select a bunch for a more complex template, like this one:

super-report-2 BODY@2x

Add/edit charts

Pretty much any information you want to see on users, projects, the tags you use, and clients can be selected. Just select a chart type to get started:

You can easily flick between different measures of time and money from the “Options” icon in each graph. For example, you can choose to see just “planned hours” or “logged hours“, or both. You can also filter all your graphs by users, projects, tags and billed/unbilled time at the very top of your new template for quick overviews.

chart options

Share public reports effortlessly

Sharing a public report with clients and stakeholders is now silly easy — you just send them a link.

public reports main@2x

Head to the top-right of your template and hit “Share/Export” and then click ‘Generate sharing link’ to create a public url link. You can also choose to export reports as .XLS and .PDF files.

share report

You can also add your logo and account color from the global settings page to adjust the look of public reports:

account logo@2x

You'll also be able to see what reports have been created and when they were last seen from the reports homepage:

shared reports

Want some inspiration? We’ve created a bunch of helpful report templates you can quickly fire up and adapt to your needs. These are great for recurring reporting — just open a template, select the timeframe you’re interested in, and export. It’s quick and simple, and means you don’t have to put any more effort into monthly reports.

Everyone loves reports

Clients LOVE reports. A bunch of you have told us how Timely reports really help your clients visualize retainers, budgets and productivity. We’ve kept all their requested features front-of-mind when building our new Reports section, so you should be able to show them whatever they want to see. As with everything, let us know if we did it right. What do your clients make of them? Are there any report features you want us to add? Shoot any ideas and requests to support@timelyapp.com. Now, get reporting! There’s still time to create a useful annual review report of everything you did last year for your records. Just set your timeframe for the whole of 2017 and select what you want to see. Have fun and remember: whatever you want to say, say it with charts.

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