Put task tracking in perspective

Written 22 February, 2018, 2 minutes to read

If you’re hot on task tracking, you probably have a list of all the tasks you and your team are working on. You might use different tools to help you organize tasks and communicate updates, like Trello and Asana. So far, so good. But do you actually know what value you’re getting from those tasks?

We’re talking about the operational level of task management: does the work you put into tasks actually reflect your priorities? Do some tasks demand a disproportionate amount of effort for their size? Do they eat into your budget more than they should? Are some of them even necessary at all? Only time tracking can tell you.

Track the time you spend on tasks

Time tracking provides context to help you turn lists of project tasks into meaningful data you can actually learn from. By understanding what’s going on operationally behind every task, you can improve the efficiency and profitability of future work.

Here’s what time tracking tool Timely enables its users to do just by tracking the time they spend on each task:

  • Improve deadline and budget estimations – once you know how long transferable project tasks tend to take, you can estimate future projects much more accurately.
  • Gauge team productivity – using the same logic above, you can also see if your team is working according to the established productivity norm for a task. See where there are too many heads working on specific task, and who needs more support.
  • Address expensive non-billable tasks – time tracking shows how long you actually spend on things like managing tasks in Trello and communicating around a project. You can assess whether you’re comfortable with the time being spent on non-billable tasks or whether it's time to explore solutions.
  • Create the optimum workflow – by seeing how your time is spread across all the tasks involved in a project, you can understand how you team works: are you spending enough time on the big tasks? Are low-value phases taking too long? Are there too many small tasks? Could budget-draining tasks be downsized or outsourced? Are you capturing all tasks during planning stage? Are all the tasks even necessary?

The best bit? Timely uses AI to intelligently assign task tags to your daily activities, so you don’t have to manually log the time you spend on each task. Less task tracking admin for you. 😎

See how time tracking could supercharge your task management – the entire app is free for you and your team to trial for 14 days. The more people who try it, the deeper your task tracking insights.

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