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The big Timely spit and polish

Last updated on
September 28, 2022
The big Timely spit and polish

We’re in the midst of a big Timely clean-up — improving usability, polishing UI and squishing some pesky winter bugs across all of our apps. We’ve also introduced some slick new controls, from easier Memory management on iOS, to scheduled automatic tracking on web. Take a peek at what’s new!

Sparkling new UI

We’ve spent a huge portion of this month cleaning up a few irritating frontend ticks to provide a smoother Timely experience across web and mobile. We won’t bore you with all the details, but here are the biggest highlights we think you’ll love.

Improved timeline display for GitHub memories

If you’ve ever worked with GitHub, you’ll be familiar with the poppy seed explosion of tracked memories on your timeline. We wanted to clean that up once and for all, reducing noise and making it much easier to review activity — especially from mobile devices.

As such, all GitHub events are now grouped into Timely entries by repository. Just hover on these grouped entires to see all the granular details — including the PRs you created/closed, the specific PR comments you wrote, the branches you created and the commits you made.

We’re now working to apply this same approach to polish our other specialist integrations — including Gmail, Todoist, Asana and Trello.

Friendlier real-time notifications

We’ve spruced up our web notification design — both in the global notifications window and project activity feed — to help communicate key account information faster. Each new global notification now has a handy activity picture to aid quick visual scanning:

Similarly, we’ve introduced context-specific colors and icons to your project feed to make it easier to differentiate between activities across your client base:

Most importantly, all web notifications now land in real-time so you’re never late to the party. There’s no need to keep refreshing Timely — your bell notification count and project activity feed will instantly update to reflect any important changes across your account.

A prioritized timeline

Your daily memory timeline can get super stodgy, super fast, which is why we’re always looking for ways to make it easier to digest. If you find yourself drowning in a sea of 10-minute activities, we think you’ll love the new prioritized timeline. Instead of just displaying all your daily activity in columns by order of occurrence, your new timeline puts the ones you care about front and center. Memories with “high importance” and longer durations now appear on the far left of your timeline, and memories with lower relevancy are pushed to the right, like so:

That means less noise and less scrolling! With a prioritized view, you can now review, manage and log your most valuable memories quicker than ever before.

New Drafts page on iOS

Hot on the heels of Android, iOS has also just gained a completely new space for managing AI draft time entries. The banner that appears at the top of your Hours view lets you know when you have new drafts — just click on it to access your Drafts screen.

From here, you can Accept or Reject a draft, add more memories to it or remove memories (with a neat swiping action). Click on an individual memory to reveal its details and delete, ignore or restore it as you see fit. As you approve drafts, your Hours view counter will reduce to zero and all your freshly logged entries will populate on your time sheet.Previously, AI draft and Memory Inbox management were bundled into the same screen, resulting in a crowded, confusing space. Separating them out provides a much cleaner experience for these very different functions.‍ Psst! Your iOS Settings section has also matured to “Profile” — check out your new controls.

An expanded Memory for Windows

We've just launched a sweet new Memory goody for Windows: the ability to schedule or pause tracking. Both controls can be managed from the Tracking tab in your Settings menu.Schedule is ideal for those with a regular schedule who use their personal computer for work. It effectively sets working hours for automatic tracking, so you don’t need to remember to toggle Memory on and off manually when you start and finish your work day. Aside from ensuring personal digital activities aren’t recorded, it adds an extra failsafe mechanism to ensure all your work is accurately captured.From the Tracking tab, you just need to enable scheduling, and select the days and times you want automatic tracking to be active.

Pause is there for those with more flexible or unpredictable schedules. It lets you pause automatic tracking in line with unplanned events — like when you want to take a break, run an errand or work on something that isn’t work-related. Simply select a duration for pausing Memory — whether for 15 or 30 minutes, 1 hour or 24.

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