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Does having less time make you more productive?

13 February, 2019 • 4 minutes to read

While the four-day work week and four-hour work day can strike us as a rather bold, exotic idea, for many companies they are already a reality. But is it really possible to do the same amount of work in a significantly reduced time? And if so, does having less time actually make you more productive?

The easiest way to increase your productivity starts with outsourcing work. But how do you go about it? And what software can you trust to do a good job? To shorten your search, here’s our definitive list of all the low-value tasks everyone should outsource, and the best apps available for the job.

Time tracking for accountants

11 February, 2019 • 4 minutes to read

As an accountant, good bookkeeping is par for the course. But you don’t want to waste any billable time doing your own. It’s precisely why we developed Timely – the first time tracking tool to automatically capture all the time you spend across multiple projects and clients for you while you work.

Increase productivity by defending your time

05 February, 2019 • 4 minutes to read

Sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. But most of us are far less productive than we think. It’s not that we’re not working – we’re just not working intelligently. The most basic way to increase productivity is to defend your time. Here’s how to work smarter, not harder.

How to onboard remote employees

28 January, 2019 • 6 minutes to read

How do you welcome, set up and train an employee who you never actually meet in-person? As a company that has worked 50% remotely for years now, we think we might have just nailed the winning approach. Here’s how to onboard remote employees the right way for long-term remote success.

Time tracking for employees

24 January, 2019 • 5 minutes to read

Time tracking provides essential structure and visibility. But that doesn’t stop it from being the bane of employees’ lives. It’s exactly why we designed Timely – the first time tracking tool to automatically track and log hours while employees work. Everyone can focus on what they were hired to do.

While technology can facilitate project management, many heavy-weight tools just add to the burden. A saturation of features and complex interface can disengage employees entirely. So choose simplicity: here’s our pick of the best simple project management tools out there – no training necessary.

The 7 rules of productivity

15 January, 2019 • 5 minutes to read

We all want to become more productive – but how do you do it and how long will it take? Once you realize that there is no single version of “productivity”, things actually get a bit easier; you just need to grasp the main principles. Master these golden rules of productivity to get there faster.

How to set realistic goals

09 January, 2019 • 4 minutes to read

We all want to keep achieving and become the best version of ourselves. But while it’s great to have goals, finding the balance between healthy self-improvement and idealistic self-expectation can be tricky. Here are six things you need to know to set realistic goals which actually represent progress.

Five ways to streamline your small business

03 January, 2019 • 3 minutes to read

When it comes to small business operations, efficiency and effectiveness are key. Fortunately, with the help of a few tools and methods, you can simplify everyday processes and free up time to focus on just doing your job. Streamline your small business with these five essential approaches.

Time tracking for remote teams

02 January, 2019 • 5 minutes to read

Time tracking provides remote teams with essential structure, visibility and transparency. But that doesn’t stop it from feeling wildly unproductive. It’s exactly why we designed Timely – the first time tracking tool to automatically track and log hours for all your remote employees.

Time tracking for marketers

20 December, 2018 • 6 minutes to read

Whether you work in an agency, in a small team or for yourself, time tracking is a necessary evil for every marketer. But it isn’t going away any time soon. It’s exactly why we designed Timely – the first automatic time tracking app for marketers that can track all your hours for you while you work.

What tools do you need to set up a remote team?

13 December, 2018 • 6 minutes to read

Remote working has never been more popular, but as a very young working structure, it’s not without its teething problems. As a company whose workforce is 50% remote and 50% in-house, we think we might have just cracked the code. Here are the eight essential tools you need to set up a remote team.

Why time tracking is important for every business

12 December, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

In business, time is the key to competitive advantage, and the only way to know how to use it better is to track it accurately. But it’s not just a measurement of profitability; it’s a means of essential self-discovery. Regardless of trade, here’s why time tracking is important for every business.

Do you have small task addiction?

11 December, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

Crossing jobs off your list feels great, but it’s actually wonderfully unproductive. Our inbuilt preference for little tasks provides a huge sense of progress with very little substance. Here’s all you need to know about small task addiction – and why meaningful achievement always beats easy reward.

7 time saving apps for busy professionals

28 November, 2018 • 4 minutes to read

Do you ever feel like your day just evaporates? While technology is usually a large part of the problem, it can also provide the solution. From virtual assistants to automatic timesheets to self-policing activity trackers, here are seven of the best time saving apps for busy professionals.

Employee time tracking doesn't have to be creepy

27 November, 2018 • 4 minutes to read

Employee time tracking sounds creepy, but it shouldn’t be. Instead of policing people, time tracking can offer employees huge opportunity for autonomy and self-management. It’s just about choosing a time tracking tool based on trust, and showing employees exactly how it serves their interests.

The best productivity tools of 2019

26 November, 2018 • 4 minutes to read

Want to become more productive? You don’t have to struggle alone. From measuring productivity and setting realistic goals, to removing obstacles and showing us where to improve, technology has our back. To help you cut through the noise, here are some of the best productivity apps available in 2019.

What is time blocking and does it work?

19 November, 2018 • 4 minutes to read

Time blocking could be the answer to your productivity problems. In our hyper-connected era, more people are using it to fend off routine distraction and focus productive energy. So it’s no accident that some of the busiest people on Earth – like Bill Gates and Elon Musk – use it to get work done.

Time tracking for architects

12 November, 2018 • 5 minutes to read

Time tracking is an essential practice for every architect, but few actually have the spare time and cognitive energy to do it accurately. It’s precisely why we developed Timely – the first time tracking tool to automatically capture all the time you spend across multiple projects while you work.

7 questions to ask when buying a time tracker

08 November, 2018 • 4 minutes to read

When time tracking isn’t fun to start with, finding a time tracking tool can be painfully boring. But the research process doesn’t have to drag on for weeks and destroy you. Use these seven focused questions to help cut through the marketing noise and single out the right time tracking tool for you.

How to make dead time useful

07 November, 2018 • 4 minutes to read

Want to work smarter, not harder? Start by making use of your dead time: all the minutes in your day suspended by commuting and dependencies. We explore how to identify your dead time – including unconscious behaviors that might be holding you back – and actually make use of it.

How do you unconsciously waste time?

01 November, 2018 • 5 minutes to read

Nearly all of us waste time each day without realizing it. Tons of unconscious behaviours and work structures keep us busy without actually producing meaningful work. So how can we become more aware of how we use it and how we unconsciously waste it? How can we become more intentional with our time?

Quantifying productivity

29 October, 2018 • 6 minutes to read

We all want to be more productive, but where do we start? How can we measure productivity to get more from our performance? If every business is different, what does productivity even mean? This detailed guide helps you comprehensively quantify and measure your personal version of productivity.

What you can learn from time tracking

23 October, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

Time tracking is not just about getting paid. It’s essential for anyone looking to improve their productivity, efficiency and profitability. Since few people grasp the sheer amount of self-knowledge you can glean from it, here are the most useful things everyone can learn from time tracking.

Remote work skills everyone should have

19 October, 2018 • 4 minutes to read

Remote work is still seen as an experimental work model, even though most professionals do some “virtual work” every day without realizing it. From increased productivity to improved employee wellbeing, there’s a lot we can all learn from the remote work skillset to become better collaborators.

Good resource management keeps things simple

18 October, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

Resource management can make or break projects. While using your resources to maximum effect can seem like an impossible task, it’s well within every project manager’s grasp. The trick to good resource management is to keep things simple – following a few key principles and choosing intuitive tools.

Time tracking for small businesses

16 October, 2018 • 4 minutes to read

While making good use of time is crucial to staying profitable, for small businesses it’s a basic matter of survival. So, you shouldn’t have to waste any time understanding where it goes. It’s exactly why we designed Timely – the first fully automatic time tracking tool for small businesses.

The importance of project control in project management

15 October, 2018 • 4 minutes to read

Project control is an essential part of project management, crucial to every stage of a project’s lifecycle. To help you repeatedly deliver successful, valuable projects, we break down exactly what it is, how it fits into project management and the project control tools that keep it simple.

44 everyday time management tips

10 October, 2018 • 4 minutes to read

As the one finite resource we all share, we could all be a bit more careful with our time. But for those of us really looking to get more out of time, we first need to master it. Here are 44 simple time management tips to help you towards a more productive, enjoyable and meaningful everyday.

How to prioritize and get work done

09 October, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

Sad truth: most of us suck at getting work done – we let small tasks and last-minute requests steal time from our most important tasks. And it’s largely due to our obsession with deadlines over value. Here’s how to prioritize to make sure you focus on what’s most important, not just most pressing.

How to know if freelancing is for you

03 October, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

Hype aside, packing up your 9–5 job to start freelancing can be downright scary. And if you’ve never actually done it before, how do you know if freelancing is right for you? Before you dive in feet first, make sure you know where you stand against these essential freelancer traits.

Six of the best Android apps for business

01 October, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

Mobile work is becoming increasingly normalized with every new tech development. And the sheer amount of it we can do from our phones is insane. From capitalizing on travel time to moving projects forward, here are the six of the best Android apps for business you should keep in your pocket.

How to avoid post-vacation stress

27 September, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

Many of us don’t take all our vacation entitlement for fear of returning to a mountain of work. While returning to work after a vacation will always be unpleasant, it shouldn’t make you anxious or interrupt your quality time away. Try this winning strategy to avoid the worst of post-vacation stress.

What every business should know about itself

27 September, 2018 • 4 minutes to read

In business, self-knowledge is everything; you can’t function or grow without it. Going beyond the obvious information – like knowing your cash flow situation and target market – this list shines a light on the less overt, but equally important factors that every business should know about itself.

The biggest challenges freelancers face

26 September, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

While being your own boss can sound like a dream, freelancing comes with a unique set of new challenges. They can be terrifying to navigate and as a freelancer you’re pretty much alone in solving them! We break down the biggest freelance problems we’ve encountered and how to go about fixing them.

Work burnout: causes and cures

24 September, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

Work burnout happens to the best of us and it isn’t just down to working too much. While stress and long hours do add up, work burnout is often the sum of more subtle factors. Keep these serial causes of work burnout – and their cures – in mind to protect you and your team from its worst effects.

Task trackers: what they are, why you need one

21 September, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

When it comes to performance, every detail matters. Task tracking can provide you with a ton of practically useful insights to help improve essential project management and profitability. While there’s no one hack for mastering your workflow, task trackers are pretty much the next best thing.

How learning can help you manage work stress

20 September, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

Stressed at work? The best stress management technique is probably one you’ve never considered. No massage chairs, no therapy dogs needed. See why a little regular self-attention in the form of learning has been scientifically proven to reduce work stress and build personal resilience.

How to procrastinate constructively

12 September, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

Procrastination is often seen as a vice we all need to cure. But some of the most successful people in the world have been procrastinators. There’s a lot to be said for this completely healthy and useful part of our natural creative process. Here’s how constructive procrastination helps us win big.

Why you need a mobile time clock in your life

10 September, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

When you only use a desktop time tracker, you only track part of your work. As work increasingly moves across devices and outside the office, we need to rethink how we capture all our billable hours. It starts with asking more of our tracking tools – and mobile time clocks might just be the answer.

Admin costs us tons in lost work productivity

28 August, 2018 • 4 minutes to read

While we all have a hunch that admin hold holds us back, the degree to which tasks like accounting, expensing and time tracking limit our work productivity is staggering. With excessive bureaucratic processes swallowing up to 25% of a company’s productive power, it’s time to take back control.

Time tracking for agencies

24 August, 2018 • 5 minutes to read

Agency time tracking is boring, unnatural and wildly unproductive, but without it nobody can get paid. As much as we hate time tracking, it isn’t going anywhere. It’s exactly why we built Timely – the first automatic time tracking app to track and log hours for all your employees while they work.

How to make "remote" work

22 August, 2018 • 7 minutes to read

While the idea of remote work is not new, going “remote” is now easier than ever. But not every story ends in success. This guide – informed by Timely remote workers’ 17 cumulative years of experience – explores what remote workers and managers can practically do to make “remote” work for everyone.

Essential software for every small business

14 August, 2018 • 5 minutes to read

Starting any business is daunting, but for small businesses it’s even harder. Luckily, the software market is saturated with tools to help; the hard part is choosing them well. We’ve put together our choice of small business software – managing everything from communications and projects to taxes.

How to only run effective meetings

25 July, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

People love to hate on meetings, but it’s for good reason – unproductive meetings cost the US economy alone $25 million a day. Yet meetings are still essential vehicles for cross-company collaboration. We explore six different ways to lead more effective meetings and control your hidden internal costs.

Time tracking for consultants

20 July, 2018 • 5 minutes to read

Timely is an automatic time tracking app designed with the active consultant lifestyle in mind. We caught up with a few who already use the tool to see how they use it to bill honestly across clients, create profitable estimates and improve their own efficiency.

No one wants to work on vacation, but for some it’s unavoidable. Yet vacations exist for a reason: you *need* a break. To keep the balance between work and play just right, we’ve put together a working vacation checklist for staying healthy, productive and happy.

Time tracking for teams

11 July, 2018 • 4 minutes to read

Time tracking provides teams with essential work transparency. We designed Timely as a tool employees can actually trust, to help everyone in your team become the master of their own performance. By tracking all your team’s time automatically, everyone can just get back to what’s actually important.

Should developers track their time?

05 July, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

When you work in irregular flows, is there any point in tracking time? While it’s hard for developers to value their work in time increments, time tracking can still massively improve their self-management and productivity. We explore the benefits and best software for developer time tracking.

How to estimate projects accurately with certainty

03 July, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

Poor project planning is dangerous and can cost far more than your profit margin. But you don’t need to invest in heavy project management tools to improve project estimation. We break down the only project planning technique you need to master to consistently scope and deliver profitable projects.

AI productivity apps for every professional

25 June, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

AI is becoming an increasingly normal feature of the workplace, with thousands of professionals integrating AI apps into their workflows to automate and simplify tasks. We explore how AI increases workplace productivity and the essential AI apps every professional should have.  

A change of plan can increase employee engagement

21 June, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

Research shows that creating a simple daily plan can increase employee engagement – but choosing the wrong type of plan can actually harm it. We explore time management planning and contingency planning to discuss exactly how employees can make the right plan to stay engaged and in control.

Legal software is often treated as an immovable piece of furniture. But without regularly scrutinizing essential technology, attorneys run the risk of selling an unfair and inefficient service. We break down the basics of automatic time and billing software to discuss how this new technology is set to radically change the way legal firms operate and trade.

The best project trackers are automatic

11 June, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

Forget about spreadsheets – all the activity and time you spend on your projects can now be tracked automatically while you work. There’s no more need to log project time manually or cross-reference multiple documents: capture, review and manage projects performance from one place.

The power of project time tracking

01 June, 2018 • 2 minutes to read

As an essential lightweight project management tool, you’re going to want to get a project time tracker set up. Project time tracking helps improve every aspect of project performance – from estimation and management, through to accurate reporting and invoicing. See how to do it without wasting any of your own time.

Time tracking for developers

18 May, 2018 • 4 minutes to read

Despite working in highly irregular creative flows, developers can get a ton out of time tracking. See why Timely is the time tracking app of choice for developers looking to continuously improve their productivity, efficiency and profitability – whether freelance, remote or agency-based.

Your time could be tracking itself

03 May, 2018 • 1 minutes to read

Time tracking is a necessary evil for every company. But as more of our work turns digital, we can't rely on analogue tools alone to accurately capture our essential business records. A cheaper, efficient alternative to manual time tracking does exist – and it could mean never creating another timesheet again.

KPIs for measuring employee performance

18 April, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

Measuring employee performance is an essential part of assessing your business’ financial health. Since your people are your biggest asset, you need to ensure your investment in them is actually paying off. We’ve put together some of the best universal KPIs businesses can use to quickly check high-level employee productivity and effectiveness.

The top 10 benefits of time tracking apps

23 March, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

We’ve been using time clocks and timers for centuries, but more of us are increasingly turning to time tracking apps – either on desktop, web or mobile devices – to do the job. Why? We asked Timely users that very question to find out the main benefits.

Our toxic relationship with non-billable time

23 March, 2018 • 2 minutes to read

In business, making good use of time is crucial to staying profitable. But the focus on our bottom line often leads to a crude valuation where billable time is the only time well spent.

How to choose the best time tracking app for you

19 March, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

When it comes to choosing the best time tracking app for you, the internet is a minefield. We breakdown the key time tracker points you should consider to find a time tracking app that provides features you’ll actually use at a fair price.

Distractions at work: deal with every type

27 February, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

Workplace distractions cost businesses thousands in productive time every day and stop employees from producing their most satisfying focused work. We explore the main work distractions we face on a daily basis to discuss what you can actively do about them. Beware: many distractions are structural.

Put task tracking in perspective

22 February, 2018 • 2 minutes to read

Most project managers already use task tracking tools for organization. But few actually know what’s going on operationally. Time tracking helps managers turn lists of project tasks into meaningful data they can actually learn from – keeping projects efficient, profitable and to schedule.

Why are you still using a work timer?

13 February, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

Work timers are one of the worst time tracking tools going, yet tons of professionals still use them to track tasks and billable hours. We trace the industrial origins of work timers to uncover their biggest limitations, and explore the most accurate alternative available.

Time beyond money

06 February, 2018 • 2 minutes to read

Time can mean money – we spend it, waste it, profit from it. But in a world where we bill by the hour, it’s important to realize time’s value extends beyond financial gain. We explore a new approach to time that ensures we all get the most out of our single shared resource.

Why your timesheets are fundamentally flawed

30 January, 2018 • 2 minutes to read

Timesheets are the lifeblood of your business but they are riddled with problems. We discuss the main problems with timesheets, from inaccuracy and overhead through to the negative impact they have on teams, and explore the new alternative of ai-powered automatic timesheets.

Automatic time tracking benefits everyone

29 January, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

Automatic time tracking redefines the way entire businesses value and bill for their time. We break down what automatic time tracking actually is and discuss the benefits of automatic time tracking for managers, employees and business leaders alike.

Why you should track non-billable hours

26 January, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

If you only track billable hours, you’re only tracking half your work. Understanding where you spend non-billable time enables you become more efficient, more economic and a better employer.

When to work: discover when you work best

25 January, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

There’s a lot of pseudo-science floating around online about the best time of day to work. Sadly, there is no neat universal answer to this question – you need to conduct your own productivity investigation! And we’ve got a stupidly simple approach to help you get there.

The most commonly missed billable hours

23 January, 2018 • 3 minutes to read

Tons of billable hours never make it to your timesheet, because it’s nearly impossible to accurately remember everything you do in a day. We explore the most common unreported billable hours across industries, and show you how to capture all your billable hours – wherever and whenever you work.

How to do deep work effectively

07 December, 2017 • 5 minutes to read

Get started with deep work using our practical 8-step guide on how to do deep work. We look at how you can create the perfect conditions to get the most out of deep work, as well as how to stick at it. It all adds up to greater productivity, a higher quality of work and greater work satisfaction.

What is deep work and is it worth the hype?

05 December, 2017 • 4 minutes to read

Everything you need to know about deep work in one article. We explain the deep work method, why people are talking about it, what deep work means, what deep work does for productivity, how to do deep work, and whether this latest work philosophy fad is even useful.

How to manage time for study

29 November, 2017 • 2 minutes to read

Bachelors, masters, PhDs can be overwhelming in their lack of structure. We run through the basic laws of study time management that will ensure you meet tight study deadlines and research goals. Track and understand how you study to improve productivity and make sure you put study time to best use.

The secret to time management

28 November, 2017 • 3 minutes to read

You can’t manage time effectively without knowing how you spend it. We explore the single time management hack that lets you understand all your commitments, plan time effectively and see where you waste time.

The dangers of overtime

22 November, 2017 • 2 minutes to read

Do you have overtime under control? We look at the biggest problems linked with regular overtime, and what it means for productivity, company culture, workplace morale, employee self-worth, and wellbeing to help you answer this important question.

Why are you still chasing timesheets?

22 November, 2017 • 2 minutes to read

Late timesheets can cost your business serious money, but there’s no reason to chase for a timesheet ever again. We look at the best strategies around to ensure you always get your employees’ timesheets in on time, including apps that create your timesheets for you.

Why everyone should track overtime

22 November, 2017 • 2 minutes to read

Tracking overtime is the only way to stay in control of it. It can also reveal important insights about our own capacity, workflow, productivity and destructive behaviours. We explore exactly why it’s important and show you the easiest ways to track your overtime.