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Team calendar apps for when you outgrow Google Calendar

Last updated on
September 22, 2022
Team calendar apps for when you outgrow Google Calendar

When you’re working in a team, it’s essential to have insight into your coworkers’ schedules, availability and workload. Without knowing where people are and who’s doing what, you can’t schedule meetings, plan work, or keep an eye on people’s workload and capacity – factors that become even more important now that so many of us are working from home. While entry-level tools like Google Calendar and Office Calendar do a good job of listing upcoming meetings, they get crowded very fast and are extremely limited in other respects. So what are some of the best team calendar apps for when you need a little more?

What do you need from your team calendar?

Calendars are the most essential tool for coordinating time and effort across your team, yet they can be used in a whole host of ways – but because there are so many calendar tools and apps out there, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. If you’re looking to invest in a team calendar that can scale and flex with you, it can be helpful to first ask yourself exactly what you need your calendar to do. This may include:

  • Automating meeting scheduling;
  • Creating more space for focused working;
  • Allocating resource and booking tasks;
  • Monitoring team workload;
  • Helping people create a better schedule;
  • Protecting people from burning out;
  • Seeing where team time goes;

Next-level team calendar apps

So, if these requirements sound similar to your own, what type of team calendar apps should you potentially check out? We've identified five of the best:

Dewo - scheduling that maximizes team focus time

If one of your priorities is creating space for your team to do more focused work, then Dewo might be the ideal calendar app for you. Dewo essentially reinvents the calendar for deep work, working to maximize team focus time, instead of treating people’s calendars as a free-for-all.

It does this by scheduling meetings that actively protect everyone's time—looking at everyone’s weeks and using AI algorithms to factor in participants’ productive habits to find a meeting time that works for everyone. We know that you can’t do real deep work in those fragmented pockets of time between meetings and calls; you need time, space and presence of mind. By intelligently scheduling meetings, Dewo protects the time you have available for challenging work that requires real thought, allowing you to get more out of your day.

Best for: 🦾 Automating meeting scheduling, 🧠 focused working

Timely - intuitive task management and time blocking

If it’s more important for you to use your calendar to assign tasks and time block your week, then Timely might be the right calendar tool for your team. Its intuitive, tactile interface makes it easy for individual team members to map our their week in a few clicks, dragging and dropping activities as plans change. All plans and assigned tasks update each team member’s individual capacity too, helping you distribute work fairly across your team.

However, Timely’s real power comes through its automation. By automatically capturing everything you work on throughout the day, Timely provides teams with rich time insights. Employees can review work patterns and task durations to create healthier schedules. It ensures all team effort, overtime, progress, and time on projects is accurately reported to enable healthier, smarter collaboration.

Best for: 🙌🏽 Keeping all work visible, ✅ Allocating and booking tasks, 📅 creating a better schedule

Asana - A powerhouse for managing team workloads

For planning team projects and managing team workloads, there’s Asana. The shared calendars feature means everyone knows who’s doing what (and when it needs to be done by), and because everything’s in the same place – from team communication to scheduling – team members don’t have to jump between different tools to stay clued up.

Another perk of Asana is that you can view all team projects, tasks and deadlines in a calendar format, which ensures no important due dates are missed. The calendar view also has a super helpful drag-and-drop functionality, so you can easily change due dates and timelines according to evolving project demands.

Best for: ⚖️ Monitoring workloads, ✅ Allocating and booking tasks, 🔥 Protecting people from burning out

SavvyCal - Straightforward meeting scheduling

If you want to use your calendar for straightforward meeting scheduling, SavvyCal might be the app for your team. The advanced features give you total control of your calendar and provide you with a personalized scheduling experience, and its clean, interactive interface allows your team scheduler to overlay their own calendar on top of other team members’.

Being able to toggle between your team members’ calendars and your own list of time slots makes it incredibly easy to find a meeting time that’s suitable for everyone, and since you can connect all your calendars – whether personal, professional or for side projects – you’re able to spot any potential conflicts.

Best for:🧘🏽 Simplifying meeting scheduling

Teamup - No-frills, no-fuss team task delegation

Finally, there’s Teamup, a calendar app that’s designed specifically to be shared between teams. Ideal for simple team task delegation, you can also use Teamup to can organize your team, schedule work, and manage team availability. Due to their simplicity, Teamup calendars are incredibly easy to use, which in turn makes it easier for teams to stay in the loop with each other.

You can use Teamup to see who’s working on what, check availability, and create and share events with other team members. You can also adapt access permissions for different team members, which makes Teamup really flexible – and because there are 10 different calendar views to choose from, it’s easier than ever for teams to organize their views based on their present requirements.

Best for: ✅ Allocating and booking tasks; ⚖️ monitoring team workload;
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