The best productivity tools of 2018

Written 26 November, 2018, 4 minutes to read

You no longer have to struggle alone to become more productive at work. A ton of intelligent tech can now guide us to a more effective and meaningful every day, by automating pointless tasks, helping us understand where our productivity falters, and facilitating everyday collaboration. But there are just so many tools about; how do you choose the right one? To help cut through the noise, here are 12 of the best productivity tools available in 2018.

Tools that highlight productivity


If you need to track your hours, Timely is your best friend. Its automatic time tracker records how long you spend on every task you do, so you can see your entire working day laid out in real-time. You can see exactly where you get distracted, where tasks take too long and account for time drains like email, project communication, mobile calls and meetings. With GPS tracking, it can also help you capture time spent travelling – especially handy when you work on the move or offsite.


If you want to keep precise tabs on your productivity and see whether you’re becoming more efficient or not, then Todoist might be the tool for you. It tracks everything you work on and then gives you a productivity rating that’s broken down into a personal score. Just like fitness apps that count your steps, it gives you the incentive to keep improving and get your rating going higher and higher.

Tools that aid collaboration


In a digital world without borders, seamless collaboration has never been so important, and thankfully Zoom makes it that bit easier. Zoom provides free video conferencing, voice calls and instant messaging, and enables you to share files, upload videos and pictures, and send messages. It’s just as easily used on a phone – a hugely helpful perk that allows you to collaborate with colleagues wherever you are.


Asana aids work collaboration and management, and it’s another tool that great if you work on-the-go. With just a few clicks you can get the latest updates from colleagues, ask questions, write notes, check and adjust task deadlines and statuses, and easily check off your to-do list. Asana is known for its flexibility, helping you streamline project management and easily manage different tasks.


Multi-purpose Wrike is one of the best tools for collaboration, scheduling and faultless project management. As well as being able to communicate with colleagues in real-time, the smart software makes it incredibly easy to allocate and organize tasks, share and access different project dashboards, folders and files, and send pictures, videos and key stats.

Tools that automate


We all know how important social media is, but making time to schedule posts for maximum exposure can be time-consuming and fiddly. As well as allowing you to quickly flit between multiple social media services like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Buffer allows you schedule when you want posts to go live, and the automated tech reveals some illuminating analytic insights, too.


If you regularly send emails – particularly if you ever have to pitch – AiZimov can save you huge amounts of time. It collects relevant information and assesses people’s individual profiles, allowing you to write personalised emails that are tailored to your target audience. AiZimov’s AI abilities mean it learns which tones, styles and email lengths are best for different personas, cutting out a lot of unnecessary work.


With multiple personal accounts, websites and profiles, keeping track of all your logins, passwords and payment data can be overwhelming. Luckily Dashlane takes all the worry out of this, allowing you to securely store all relevant information in one place. It also safely fills out forms and logins for you with its handy automated properties. Never get locked out again!

Tools that simplify


Slack’s enormous success comes down to its simplicity. In addition to effortless integrating with 1,500+ other apps, the tool simplifies all forms of internal communication, so you can set up chat threads and never miss important messages again. You can chat with colleagues, send messages, share files and photos, host calls and – whenever you need some quiet time – just hit ‘do not disturb’.


When you work across a ton of different devices, it’s easy for your notes to get lost or become inaccessible. Excellent for both simplifying and organizing, Evernote helps you easily gather, develop and share ideas. You can even integrate impromptu handwritten notes into its system, so nothing gets left behind or forgotten.


Trello is massively popular across the world for the magic it works in simplifying project management. and on. With just a few quicks you can start multiple workflows, schedule tasks, organize numerous projects, keep track of checklists, collaborate and share files… basically everything you need to structure and manage projects, Trello does!


If you’re constantly stumbling across interesting videos, articles and web content that you don’t have time to watch or read, then Pocket is for you. As soon as you save your selected content to Pocket, it becomes instantly available on any device, so whether you’re in front of a computer or only have your phone in hand, thought-provoking content is only a click away. You’ll never be faced with a boring commute again!


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