Time tracking for architects

Written 12 November, 2018, 5 minutes to read

Time tracking is an essential practice for every architect – not just those who bill by the hour. You can’t improve your estimations or get more quality from your time without it. But few architects actually have the spare time and cognitive energy to do it accurately. It’s precisely why we developed Timely – the first time tracking tool to automatically capture all the time you spend across multiple projects and clients for you while you work.

The time tracking tool for architects

Timely captures all the time you and your team spend on work without taking you away from it. By integrating with all your desktop apps, you can essentially map out your entire work day – from time in meetings, emails, mobile calls, GPS locations and documents, to websites and work tools. AI-powered timesheets, real-time project dashboards and custom reporting then allow you to explore your time data without compromising your own productivity.

Timely for Apple Available on every device you work with

📕 Get a full account of your day

You can’t use time more intelligently without knowing how you (mis)use it in the first place. Thankfully, Timely records every second of your day to a private timeline and uses AI to tag different activities for you. Every detail is captured – from overrunning meetings and time spent traveling, to client phone calls, emails, admin and contractor coordination. You essentially get a complete account of how your energies and resources are spent – which is essential for addressing operational inefficiencies, internal costs, lengthy workflows and your own unproductive behaviors.

💰 Bill every client accurately

Automatic time tracking is a no-brainer when you work across multiple projects and sub-projects. You just can’t capture all the time you spend on each project accurately using manual time input alone. With Timely, every detail makes it to your timesheet – even “hidden” billable hours spent on project communication, travel and overtime. Nothing is misremembered or misrepresented, and you can painlessly export your data into granular reports for full client transparency.

📈 Manage project time proactively

As an architect, projects are rarely neat and contained. Deliveries run months into the future, clients can request adjustments at a moment’s notice, and the sheer of people involved puts the best laid plans under serious stress. So, real-time project dashboards offer a huge advantage. In Timely, you can keep an eye on exactly where your project budget is going, how long you spend on each task and how work is distributed. Custom notifications let you stay informed of key milestones, so you don’t need to constantly be inside the tool to stay informed.

🎯 Improve project estimates

Once you know exactly how long different tasks and project phases tend to take your team, you can set more realistic estimates for future work. That means being able to set your minimum requirements for a profitable return, understanding what clients and projects are actually worth your time, and setting profitable fixed rates which cover all your project costs. With a an accurate history of project time, you can estimate competitively for new work and only take on projects that deliver.

🏃🏽‍♀️ Capture mobile work

Timely was built for the active architect lifestyle. Client meetings, site vists, contractor coordination, mobile calls and travel – all the work that happens away from your desk can all be captured. And Timely itself is accessible on web, desktop, tablet, smartphone and smartwatch, so you can manage your time on-the-go. Expect a fully native app, whether you prefer Android to iOS or Mac to Windows.

👓 Get back to productive work

Automation exists to remove the irritating tasks that take you away from what matters most. Automatic time tracking is no different: you don’t have to interrupt your flow to stop a timer or manually note down what you’ve been doing. You don’t even have to spend time putting your timesheet together if you don’t want to – Timely’s AI can actually work out what you were doing for you! By tracking and processing everything automatically, you can forget about time tracking completely and get back to what you were hired to do.

Why architects love Timely

Architecture firms and independent consultants alike outsource their project time management to Timely. From accurate invoicing to effortless project management, there are a ton of reasons why automatic time tracking makes sense. Here are just a few from Timely’s architect community:

“I could see the benefits of Timely after just one week of the trial. It lets me record hours against my projects more efficiently and improves my organization. I can’t imagine going back to the way I used to do things – and I’ve told my local architect group about it too!”Guyarch

“Automatic data collection with the Memory Tracker is key for me. It lets me track what I’m doing when I’m bouncing around from thing to thing.”James

“The user Interface is great for creative industries working on hourly rates – it’s a great app for small creative businesses generally.”Josef

“Timely is working amazingly for us. We use it to bill accurately and see what projects are actually worth the investment – and it makes tracking project budgets with our external consultants really simple. It’s simply the best time tracking app we’ve tried so far.”Christoph

“I often have projects that I bill hourly. Timely lets me track those hours automatically – it’s ideal for my sporadic work environment, where I might just spend a few minutes on a project. It’s also integrates nicely with other apps and your phone!”Jessica

👀Take a look at how architects use Timely!

Try Timely for Yourself

Think automatic time tracking could work for you? Trial the entire app free for 14 days and let us know what you think. If it’s a perfect match, know that we have pricing plans for firms and independent architects, so you only pay for what you actually need.


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