Time tracking for employees

Written 24 January, 2019, 6 minutes to read

Time tracking provides teams with essential structure, visibility and transparency. But that doesn’t stop it from being the bane of employees’ lives. Nobody can remember everything they do in minute detail, or find time to log their hours regularly. The result is a highly inaccurate list of “guessimated” work, of little use to anyone.

It’s exactly why we designed Timely – the first employee-led time tracking tool that can automatically track and log hours for your team while they work. Everyone can focus on what they were actually hired to do.

The time tracking app for employees

Timely tracks all the time your employees spend on different tasks and projects without ever interrupting them. It records all active web and desktop activity – as well as mobile calls and GPS location – and uses AI to translate it all into fully accurate timesheets. No more unreliable data, lost billable hours, or wasting time on unproductive admin – everyone can return their focus to where it matters most.

Crucially, it also doesn’t invade their privacy and professional dignity to get there. By ensuring all tracked data is private to the individual by default, Timely is a time tracking tool employees can actually trust. You simply can’t build a positive, productive work environment around time tracking without it.

Timely for Apple Available on every device you work with

💰Creates accurate timesheets for billing

By tracking all your time automatically as you work, Timely makes sure no detail is left behind or misrepresented. In a few clicks, you can transform your tracked data into fully representative timesheet. It sets a new standard for accurate invoicing, and ensures businesses actually get paid for all billable work. Employees can review their time data down to the app they were using, to ensure all project work is accounted for and billed appropriately; even commonly overlooked activities like internal team communication, meetings and email.


📈 Frees employees for productive work

Timely was built to end manual time tracking once and for all, so you never have to waste energy on it ever again. As an automatic tool, there’s no need to interrupt your day to log hours or stop a timer; everything is being recorded to your private timeline in the background while you work. You don’t even have to waste time putting a timesheet together, since our AI can create one for you. No timers, no interruptions, no mental energy wasted on time tracking – everyone can just focus on actual productive work.


🙌🏼 Supports team collaboration

Timely gives everyone a transparent overview of team work from one place. The capacity bar is especially helpful for team collaboration; colleagues can see who needs help with their workload, and who has room to help out. But it also provides essential transparency for managers. By tracing activity and hours worked across each employee, you can ensure everyone is keeping to your priorities and has a healthy workload. It’s especially useful for preventing burnout and simply understanding how you can better support your employees.


💪🏽 Encourages individual self-management

Timely helps your employees to master their own productive performance by revealing exactly how they use their time. They can understand how long different tasks take, where they get distracted, and where their process can be improved. It also provides the means to schedule their week effectively – calls, meetings, and video conferences auto-import to help them plan work against their capacity, and “planned vs logged” time lets them know how much time they will need for each task.


🔒 Protects employee privacy

Employee time tracking can’t work without mutual respect. Unlike some time tracking apps, Timely lets you lead from a position of trust by promoting employee agency over intimidation. Everyone’s tracked data is completely private to them alone – and this privacy is essential: without a secure space to manage and improve their performance, employees will continue to resent and distrust time tracking. With Timely, everyone using the app can review their timesheets, activity and project tasks to ensure they are fully correct and representative before sharing them with colleagues. Employees feel comfortable using the tool, and managers protect an honest and open working culture.


📱 Designed for active work

Timely works seamlessly across Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices so your employees can work the way they like best. It’s essential if people often work on-the-go or across multiple platforms and regularly switch devices. The mobile apps also let you log client calls and track GPS location, which is ideal for capturing billable hours spent on travel, meetings, site visits, events and conferences.


Why employees love Timely

Teams of all shape and sizes – and locations – choose Timely to effortlessly coordinate and optimize their performance. But don't just take our word for it; here's what a few of them had to say about the tool:

“Rather than spending an hour every month to do my hours, I can do my backlog in less than 10 mins and trust that it's accurate.”Kasey, Business consulting agency

“Timely is a simple and easy way to plan and track time for our projects. We subscribed primarily because our employees found it so easy to use.”Kem, AEM and experience design

“I needed to track time for my boss, as I work remotely, but also for myself to know how I’m spending it. Timely is awesome for both: I can plan my month ahead and track all my time.”Vanessa, marketer

“I really appreciate the privacy notices surrounding the automatic tracker Memory; it’s crucial to know what it records is stored locally and not visible to anyone else.”Kieran, attorney

“I don't want to spend hours every day switching back and forth to a spreadsheet to record what I'm doing – and with Timely, I don’t have to! It syncs up with my phone and computer to give me an automated picture of everything I worked on. It makes it easier for me to just focus on my job.”Jessica, rehabilitation counsellor

"We are trying to identify and eliminate inefficient tasks in our company, so we’re asking employees to track their daily tasks and tag the ones they see as unnecessary. Timely is essential for achieving that – it’s also helped me to focus on one task at a time, instead of switching constantly, which has made me more effective."Richard, Business operations

“I work for a start-up with less than 10 employees, so it’s important for to be able to see exactly how effectively I’m using my time throughout the week. For me, Timely is the perfect solution – its UI is beautiful and intuitive.”Rebecca, coaching and facilitation

“Timely is just the smartest way to track your time.” Jerker, event tech

Try Timely with your employees

We’d love to know how Timely works for your employees. Trial the full app for 14 days and let us know what you think. If there’s a specific functionality that could really supercharge your team management, send a feature request to and we’ll push it up our development list!

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