Time tracking for teams

Written 11 July, 2018, 4 minutes to read

Time tracking apps provides teams with essential work transparency. By ensuring all tracked time is private by default, we designed Timely as a tool employees can actually trust, helping everyone in your team become the master of their own performance. And by tracking all your team’s time automatically, everyone can just get back to what’s actually important.

The time tracking app for teams

Timely automatically captures all the time you and your team spends on work without taking you away from it. With real-time dashboards, AI-powered timesheets and quick reporting all in one place, your team can share progress with minimal effort.

Timely for Apple Available on every device you work with

Tracks all team time automatically ⏰

Timely can automatically track time spent in every desktop and web app, as well as phone calls and GPS location. All data is recorded to each team member's private timeline, which they can share with the rest of the team in a click as time entries. No timers, no interruptions, no mental energy wasted on time tracking – just focus on your work knowing every second is being accurately recorded for you.

Creates accurate timesheets for billing 💵

Timely simplifies the entire timesheet creation process whilst massively improving its accuracy. You can be confident that you invoice each client honestly for all your billable hours, and can send itemized breakdowns of exactly where that time went. Managers can set automatic reminders to ensure everyone’s timesheets are in on time, taking the sting out of essential admin.

Lets everyone monitor projects in real-time 📈

Timely’s powerful dashboards let everyone quickly check-in on project progress. Review project activity, see what everyone’s working on and track your budget in real-time without ever interrupting your colleagues. It’s great for ensuring everyone’s working to priorities, and lets managers proactively identify scope creep and other potential obstacles before they sink their projects.

Encourages individual self-management 💪🏼

We didn’t create Timely so your boss could spy on you. Everyone’s tracked memories remain private to them alone, and all team members can review time entries before making them publically visible. It ensures people can address their own productivity goals in a private, secure space, improving workflows and schedules as masters of their own work.

Expediates reporting 📊

No more digging for information! With all your data in one place, reporting becomes effortless. We’ve created a simple chart builder to help you transform your stats into beautiful visual reports in seconds. Share them with clients directly from Timely via a simple URL link, or export them in your preferred file format.

Enables compassionate team management 💜

Timely lets you manage your entire team from one place and ensure everyone has a fair, healthy workload. View your team’s capacity, see how many hours everyone has logged, proactively prevent burnout, see who needs support and allocate resources intelligently to where they’re needed most.

Lets the team work how they want 😎

Timely works seamlessly across Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices so your team can work the way they like best. It’s essential if colleagues often work on-the-go or across multiple platforms, taking regular client calls or attending off-site meetings. You can also manage and organize your time however you want – dipping in and out throughout the day, or just checking once towards the end. Since everything is tracked, there’s no pressure.

Why teams love Timely

Teams of all shapes and sizes – and locations – choose Timely to effortlessly coordinate work and accurately capture project time. But what makes Timely the time tracker of choice above the more heavy-weight team management solutions out there? Here’s what some of our biggest team users had to say:

“New employees in our studio are literally up and running on Timely in a less than 5 minutes.” – Vince, web design studio CEO & manager

“Timely enables us to track how we split our time between projects, identify areas for efficiencies, and accurately cost our future campaigns and services.” – Megan, non-profit strategy manager

“We chose Timely for the ability to monitor all the team and report from one place.” – Robert, advertising company director

“Our team really liked the simplicity of Timely. To me, the biggest win is if team members will actually use the tool.” – Nathan, film producer and project manager

“Many of us work remotely, so Timely really helps us keep track of what we're each working on.” – Garin, PR firm account director

“Manually using timers to capture team hours on client projects is awful. Timely is the tool we need for modern work.” – Miika, web development company CEO

Try Timely with your team

We’d love to know how Timely works for your team. Trial the full app together for free for 14 days and let us know what you think. If there’s a specific functionality that could really supercharge your team management and performance, just send a feature request to and we’ll push it up our development list!

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