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Timely for Android — like you’ve never seen it before

Last updated on
September 22, 2022
Timely for Android — like you’ve never seen it before

We’ve just rolled out some beautiful new updates to Timely’s Android app, which make it much quicker and easier to log hours, review draft entries and manage your memories. Changes include a completely new design an UI for creating and editing entries, and a brand new section for managing AI drafts. Let’s walk through what’s new!

A slicker entry editor experience

Translating the full power of Timely to a smaller screen comes with its challenges. To create a more intuitive logging experience on Android, we’ve completely rethought the design and UI for creating and editing entries.

Your entry editor just gained:

  • A new save button — the green tick in the top-right of your screen
  • Project and Tags selector screens — for quickly categorizing your work
  • A slick dialogue for inputing durations — just punch in the numbers using the keypad
  • A calendar selector — making it easier to move entries to a different date
  • An “Add memories” button — to quickly hop to your Memory Inbox view and link memories
  • Memory manager pages — click on any memory to reveal its details and available actions
  • Swipe-to-dismiss behavior — to quickly unlink memory from an entry!

It makes the whole process of adding and editing entries faster, easier and cooler! If your subscription plan includes our swish team planning tool, any planned time will also appear in a read-only format.

A cleaner Memory Inbox

We’ve also revamped your Memory Inbox to make things cleaner and easier to navigate. To keep this space tidy, we’ve removed draft creation (jump to the following section to see where they’ve gone!). So now, this area is just about reviewing and manually logging daily memories — whether you prefer doing this using a Timeline or List view.

To create an entry, just click on any memory (or a group of memories) and hit the blue “Create entry” button that appears at the bottom of the screen. You’ll be taken through the shiny new editor experience we detailed above. ‍
Memories on the List view are now displayed according to their status — grouped under “All”, “Logged”, “Unlogged” and “Ignored” respectively. You can quickly apply filters to adjust what you see. ‍
Select several memories to manage them as a group — whether you want to delete, ignore or restore them in bulk. Alternatively, manage an individual memory by clicking on the “i” icon to reveal its details.

A new way to manage AI drafts

We’ve created a whole new Drafts screen to separate manual entry and from AI draft review. A handy counter will let you know whenever you have new drafts — just click on it to navigate to your Drafts screen.

This screen will list all your drafts for the day; just click on a draft to review it. From here, you can Accept or Reject a draft, add more memories to it or remove memories (with a thrilling swipe action!). As elsewhere, click on an individual memory to reveal its details and delete, ignore or restore it as you see fit. Once you’re happy with your draft, just hit the green tick in the upper-right corner to confirm. Your Draft screen will reduce to zero as you blast through your review! Hop back to your Day view when you’re done to see all your freshly logged timesheet entries. ‍
Psst! if somehow you still haven’t seen it, check out Timely’s new sister tool Dewo — as a Timely user, you can sign up for early access!

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