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Timely roadmap 2020 — what we’re building next

Last updated on
September 28, 2022
Timely roadmap 2020 — what we’re building next

Thanks to your ongoing feedback and support, we have no shortage of ideas for how to improve Timely. We are continually humbled at how generous you are with your time, letting us know what you make of new releases and providing enthusiastic suggestions for future ones.While we can’t develop all your ideas immediately, we do read and prioritize every single one. But we know that waiting blind for a feature you want now sucks, so we wanted to share exactly what we have planned. Here’s a brief overview of our 2020 product roadmap and what’s coming next.

1. Brand new releases

As a small company that has been working remotely for the past six years, we are extremely fortunate that COVID-19 home working policies haven’t disrupted our service. In fact, we're as ambitious as ever. Before diving into future updates, take a look at what’s just come out of the oven. 🍞

Memory idle time detection on Windows

We’ve just built idle time detection into our Memory for Windows app, which is accessible from the Advanced tab in your Settings menu. Idle time detection lets you capture any time you spend away from your computer — whether that’s taking a call, traveling, running an errand or having a break.

Provided you’ve enabled it, Timely will then prompt you to log an entry for your inactive time once you return to your computer. This ultimately means richer time records that represent non-digital activities — which is especially useful if you need to get paid for them!

In-app product updates

We’ve upgraded your notifications drawer inside Timely to improve the way we communicate new product releases and integration warnings. Clicking on the bell icon from web or desktop will reveal the new structure — you filter what you see by Notifications, Updates or All.

Whenever we publish a product update article like this one, you’ll now receive a dedicated notification inside Timely. With all your important product information in one place, it should be much easier to follow news and take full advantage of your subscription.

30-day free trial

There’s a lot to think about right now. As companies shift to mass remote working, many will need to adopt new virtual working tools, but as with any new tech investment, those decisions shouldn’t be rushed. To give teams more time to work out if Timely is the right tool for them — including all the features on our largest plan and supporting up to 50 trialling users. So if you know someone who could benefit from this extra slack, do let them know. 📣

US date and time format

This one is refreshingly straightforward. A ton of you prefer using MM/DD/YYY and AM/PM formats in Timely, so adding this functionality was a no-brainer!

2. Forthcoming features

While the order of things may change, these are the features we’ve already researched and scoped. Some are currently in the design phase and a few are actually in development right now!

Toggl and Harvest import

We want to cut out all the admin faff involved with time tracking — including simply getting started with our tool. With our forthcoming Toggl and Harvest import, you will be able to migrate your existing time set-up to Timely with minimal effort. Clients, users, projects and tags will all import directly inside the app, without the need to upload CSVs or rebuild any structures from scratch. Anyone who’s an Admin can make the import. With your workspace ready, everyone can crack on with their regular workflows.

Jira integration

If you’ve installed Memory, you’ll already know that Timely can automatically track all the time you spend in Jira. But our forthcoming Jira integration will take this to a more granular level, recording all the time you spend on individual Jira tickets. Whenever you create, update or delete a Jira ticket or project, or comment on a Jira issue, a corresponding draft time entry will be created for it in Timely. You’ll be able to see the name of the ticket and the specific activity you performed. You can then log that draft entry directly to your time sheet to ensure your project work is accurately represented.

Manager access level

We are always looking for ways to give teams more flexibility in how they manage their workspaces. As such, we’ll soon be introducing a brand new Manager user access level. This role will act as a bridge between Admins (who can access everything) and Limited users (who can only view their own logged hours). Managers will be able to see, log, edit and plan hours for anyone on the same project as them. They will also be able to create new projects, with the power to set hourly budgets and tags. The new role will effectively allow Admins to delegate certain editing rights without granting people full access to all workspace data. Eventually, we’ll also be looking to add optional permissions, allowing Managers to create global tags, as well as letting Limited users view all hours and pull reports for the projects they belong to.

A more tactile tag system

We’ve already been through a few generations of our tag system, helping you streamline time allocation across hundreds of different tasks, functions and projects. But we’re not quite satisfied, and are seeking new ways to make the whole experience more tactile and efficient.This starts with consolidation. Currently, you are not able to add a tag list to a project if it doesn’t contain any sub-tags. It’s lead to a frustratingly inefficient workaround, where you need to duplicate tag lists as sub-tags just to make them visible for projects. We want to remove this, and also add the ability to assign emojis to top-level tags. 👍🎉🎈💥🍾😃We’ll also be adding a new “tag project” setting, that allows you to automatically allow or disallow all current and future tags to a project (or a specific selection thereof). Likewise, you’ll soon gain new tag manager controls. These include the ability to add, remove, archive and delete tag lists in bulk across multiple projects — as well as add, remove, archive and delete tags across multiple tag lists. The idea is to massively reduce effort duplication, and enable a cleaner workspace without losing any tag reporting functionality.Finally, we’ll also be fixing an irritating UI bug that’s screwing up how non-nested tags appear in your Tags widget in Reports.

A powerful new report builder

Visualizing data is one of the easiest ways to digest and understand it. While we currently offer some visual reporting inside Timely, we want to massively expand it — providing you with reusable charts and graphs for quickly communicating trends and changes across your business. Ultimately, you shouldn’t need to build any additional charts outside Timely using XLS or CSV exports (unless you really want to, of course). We’ve received a ton of great ideas for what these graphs should cover and will start by addressing the most popular, which broadly include:

  • An overview of how time is spent within your company, projects and teams
  • Seeing how much you have logged within a given timeframe
  • Having a visual benchmark for team capacity and how people spend their time
  • A means of comparing data between projects, clients, teams and users for specific timeframes

Share detailed, live reports

To aid communication with your clients and stakeholders, we’ll also be developing Timely’s shared reports to make them more detailed and client-friendly.

That starts with cutting down admin faff and delay. Right now, shared reports are static — any updates you make to it once you’ve shared it via URL won’t be visible. It can get pretty inefficient when you need to share a regular report with a client, obliging you to generate a new URL each time you update it. We want to give you the option to publish live reports, so that any new data from Timely automatically updates on the client side. Effectively, your clients should be able to check on a project’s status without requiring you to share a newer version of your report – reducing admin back-and-forth for you both.

We also want to make these reports more detailed, so you can choose to export all the data that appears in your report previews. In practice, that means clients will be able to expand rows for more granular information, including a breakdown of your individual hours, should you wish to include them. We’ll also be making PDF report downloads a whole lot prettier, to boost their readability and overall professionalism.

Timeline and Hour editor improvements

As one of the most important screens in Timely, your Hours page is full of information and controls. It’s from here that you can see your private timeline, manage your automatically captured memories, log hours and approve draft time entries. There’s obviously quite a lot to take in, so we’re constantly working to keep this space as intuitive and clean as possible. As such, we’re planning to move “linked memories” from your Memory Inbox directly to your Hours editor. This will make it easier to see the memories linked to any logged time entry, and will keep your Memory Inbox as a space for reviewing unlogged daily memories.

For even quicker logging, we also want your Hours editor to appear whenever you click on a logged or draft time entry on your time sheet, or a memory from your Memory Inbox. The editor itself will be revamped to provide a more logical logging experience, with priority information — like project, notes and tags — moved to the top.To tidy your Memory Inbox even more, we’re planning to group together successions of short-duration, lower-value memories — as well as similar ones. As such, memories for a Github PR and browsing Github.com will appear neatly grouped together. While you’ll still be able to log all these grouped memories individually, it will make it so much easier to scan your inbox.

Similarly, we also want to improve the way memories are named. Instead of just showing an app or website title, we want memory names to describe the context around them. So instead of having a bunch of miscellaneous “Slack.com” memories, with smarter naming you will be able to grasp the exact conversation each memory relates to without digging around.

New Memory for Mac controls

We’re working hard to make automatic time tracking more intelligent — including giving you more powers to define what Memory should capture when. We’ve already released a few new controls to Memory for Windows to this effect, but will soon be bringing them to Mac too!First up is idle time detection. This is all about making your time sheets more accurate by capturing any time you spend offline or away from your computer — whether you’ve been pulled into a meeting, or need to step out on a personal errand. Whenever you return from a period of inactivity, Timely will prompt you with a draft entry to account for this time (which is especially useful if you actually need to bill for it).Secondly, we’ll be introducing Memory scheduling. This lets you set working hours for Memory, defining when it should and shouldn’t capture your activity. It removes the need to turn automatic tracking off at the end of your work day. Ideal if you use your personal computer for work and often forget to toggle Memory back on.Linked to scheduling, we’ll also add the ability to pause Memory — whether for 15 or 30 minutes, 1 hour or 24. It’s great for when you’re taking a break or need to step away for your keyboard for a while. All three of these features can be used together, and can always be quickly overridden by manually toggling Memory.

3. Back burner features

These are the features we’ll be prioritizing once we’ve finished the above. We still need to shape and develop how some of these might work, but we already have a good idea about how they’ll fit into Timely.

Individual capacity

While you can currently track user capacity from the People page, it’s fixed across your workspace according to a weekly average of 40 hours per user. This rigidity makes it quite difficult to accurately gauge the capacity of part-time workers and freelancers, so we want to let Admins set capacity at a user level. With an individualized user capacity, managing overtime, resources and plans will become much easier and more precise.

Invoice integration

We know a lot of you use tools like Xero and Quickbooks for accounting and billing, and struggle to transfer your Timely data across to them each month. By building invoice integrations with these third parties, we hope to make payroll processes outside of Timely a lot more efficient and robust.

Reports revamp

We also want to clean up reporting UI more generally to make it quicker and easier to share detailed analysis with stakeholders. These are some of the improvements we’ll be prioritizing:

  • Create a one-step export process, where you don’t have to redefine filter preferences
  • Improve the design and formatting for reports exported as PDFs
  • Export custom report names and descriptions
  • Improve report template readability, filtering and UI
  • Report on even more data, including hourly rates and team performance
  • Create dashboard preferences for a cleaner, custom view of your reports

Bulk actions

Batching actions is a great way to save time and energy, and there are a few we think could really supercharge efficiency within Timely. The ones we want to start with include:

  • Moving hours between projects in bulk (super useful for correcting mistakes, merging projects and reallocating work to new ones)
  • Adding/removing tags and tag lists in bulk across multiple projects
  • Removing tags on multiple time entries from Reports and Individual Project pages
  • Creating planned entries for multiple users at once from Planning
  • Duplicating, archiving, deleting and restoring projects in bulk
  • Inviting users in bulk

Time entry history

To offer even more checks against billing errors, we’re considering giving Admins the ability to audit a user’s time entry history. This wouldn’t give them access to anyone’s private timeline or Memory data; it would just let them review a track record of the time entries a user has logged publicly. It would mainly help Accounting correct errors that arise whenever users accidentally modify finalized time sheets.🚨Think a key feature is missing from our plans? Please let us know at support@timelyapp.com! We routinely revisit our priorities based on your feedback, so your two cents really do make a difference.

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