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Timesheets, Outlook, entry history and new plans

Last updated on
September 22, 2022
Timesheets, Outlook, entry history and new plans

It’s been an ambitious month, to say the least! In addition to the new “Timesheets” tab inside Reports, we’ve built you a new Outlook integration and entry history feature, which helps you minimize payment and billing errors. Thanks to your candid feedback, we’ve also completely reworked our subscription plans to make them more flexible and competitive. Here’s a snapshot of what’s new this month! 📸

Brand spanking new subscription plans

We’re always looking for ways to improve our service and are so grateful for all your ideas about what we can do differently. Seriously, we love hearing from you; your honesty is so important. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve just completely reworked our subscription plans to make them more distinct, competitive and flexible — and better meet your expectations.That starts with making it easier to pick the right one — instead of six plans, there are now just three. These are grouped by features instead of by team size, which should make it easier to only pay for what you actually need and give you more flexibility as your needs change. We’ve also revisited our pricing to bring it more in line with the market and your budget.

But for our existing customers, we know that switching plans can involve faff, potential price increases and lost features. We don’t want you to worry about any of this or force you to change plan now — particularly at such a busy season, in what has been such a weird year. So we’ve decided to ❄️ freeze subscription plans and 🔓 unlock all our current features for free for customers on our old plans. If you’re on a Team plan, you will still be able to scale seats up and down as you need them. That means if you’re on an old plan, you will gain access all of these features at no extra cost:

❤️ We'll be freezing your plan and unlocking all current features in November - and we'll send you a short message in Timely to let you know when that happens. It’s a small “thank you” for your continued support and confidence in what we’re doing here at Timely. As always, shoot us a message at support@timelyapp.com with any feedback or questions you have.

Your one-stop shop for timesheets

Need to quickly knock out a timesheet? We’ve created a dedicated space inside Reports to keep things clean and straightforward. Just head to your new "Timesheets" tab, set a date range and select users, projects and tags for your timesheet. Hit "Export" and you're done! Super speedy! 💫

We’ve also replaced the “Hours” tab found in individual employee and project details pages with the “Timesheets” tab. That means you can quickly export a timesheet directly from those pages too.You can still create a timesheet for a specific project from inside its page: just click on the "Report" tab and select "Open in Report" from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, tweak an existing timesheet report from the "Dashboard" tab in Reports. But if you want to quickly knock out a mutli-project timesheet, the "Timesheets" tab's got your back.

Connect Outlook with Timely

In addition to Gmail, you can now connect Outlook accounts with Timely for a granular overview of time spent on email! That means every Outlook email you send or respond to each day will appear in your timeline, and include subject line, recipients and send time information.Aside from bringing context to your day, it's great for understanding exactly where time on email goes. Just head to Settings Integrations to make the connection. In case you get lost, this article walks through how to set it up.

See historic changes made to an entry

Accidentally updated an hour that’s being invoiced? No sweat. With time entry history, you can now just review all changes made to that hour. Time entry history helps to minimize payment and billing errors, and provides essential transparency within teams. Both employees and managers can review an entry’s history, providing everyone with a single source of truth for all time reporting.

Provided you’re on an old plan or our new Premium and Unlimited plans, just click on any logged hour followed by “History” to view its change log. This can detail:

  • The date of each change
  • The user making the change
  • Changes to hours and minutes
  • Changes to the entry’s Billed/Unbilled status
  • Changes to the project
  • Changes to entry notes
  • Changes to an entry’s logged money

Note: employees can only view edits made to their own hours; Admins, Managers and Team Leads can view edits made to other users' hours, subject to their access level.

And a few final goodies…

  • 📊 You can now group data by teams in XLS report exports
  • 💡 In addition to mobile, you can set email reminders to log your timesheet
  • 📝 Instead of presenting related app memories in one line, we’ve broken them into a list for quick scanning, like so:

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