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Super-fast Toggl and Harvest import

Last updated on
September 28, 2022
Super-fast Toggl and Harvest import

We’ve just released a simple data import for Toggl and Harvest, allowing you to migrate any existing users, projects, clients and tags to Timely in a matter of seconds. We’ve also refined user access roles to give you more control when delegating Timely management to your team. Naturally, we’ve snuck in a little UI and mobile shine too. Check out what’s new!

Import data from Toggl and Harvest in seconds

Switching to a new time tracking tool can be a painful, arduous process. To make the whole thing easier (and much quicker!), we’ve built a direct import for the two biggest tools Timely users jump ship from: Toggl and Harvest.Instead of wasting time and effort cloning data and recreating identical team structures in Timely, you can move it all across in a matter of seconds. Import all projects, users, clients and tags in one swift movement. Providing you’re an Admin, just head to Settings Integrations in Timely to make the import.

Everyone on your Harvest or Toggl account will be imported into Timely as an “Unassigned” user (even dormant past employees). When you’re ready, just invite the ones you actively need. Once they activate their Timely account, they will occupy a paid seat on your plan.

Control who sees what on your account

To help tailor Timely to your unique set-up, we've released some exciting changes to user access levels. You can now assign Admins, Managers and Employees. Aside from making roles clearer, the biggest benefit relates to more selective delegation of powers. Here’s a breakdown of what these levels mean:

🔮 Admin

They can see and manage everything on your workspace*. Any “Normal” user with admin rights option enabled will be assigned this access level.

🙌 Manager‍

Previously called “Normal”. They can see, log and edit hours for anyone on the same project as them – as well as create new projects.

👩🏽‍💻 Employee

Previously called “Limited”. They can only see, log and edit their own hours. Get the full rights breakdown for each level here. A ton of you have been requesting the new Manager access level in particular, and now have the ability to quickly give people editing rights without granting them full access to all your workspace data.

Bonus small tweaks

We’re constantly releasing small polishes to improve usability and UI across all our apps. Here are just a few highlights to savor this month:

  • See consecutive Trello actions from one grouped memory — and enjoy a cleaner timeline!
  • Link memories to existing entries directly from your Memory Inbox on Android
  • Enjoy extra protections on Memory for Mac to safeguard local memory uploads
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