What are automatic timesheets?

Written 29 January, 2018, 3 minutes to read

You never have to log hours or make a timesheet ever again. And it’s all thanks to automatic time tracking that uses AI to work out what you worked on.

What is automatic time tracking?

Automatic time tracking gets smart computers to track and categorize what you do in a day, so you don’t have to. While you have the power to edit anything the automatic time tracking app creates, you never have to actively track your time ever again. Manual time tracking is over.

How does automatic time tracking work?

This is how the automatic time tracking app Timely creates timesheets for you:

  1. It tracks all the data you generate in a day – from work apps and browser activity, to phone calls and calendar events.
  2. It reviews your data and uses AI to understand what you were working on.
  3. It suggests a timesheet covering everything you did.
  4. It learns from any edits you make to refine future timesheets.

Why do automatic time trackers use AI?

AI lies at the heart of Timely’s automatic time tracking for two main reasons: it’s self-learning and it’s incredibly good at identifying patterns in data.

AI is what makes Timely understand the general task you were working on from a series of actions. Say you spend 20 minutes flicking from a draft email for an unknown contact to a LinkedIn profile. Instead of just reporting these actions as individual time entries, the AI is able to work out you were probably writing a sales pitch email and groups them together in one entry.

AI also helps Timely adjust to your personal style. Whenever you make an edit to one of its suggestions, Timely will learn your individual preferences and improve how it groups tasks. Why? So your final timesheet is as authentically "you" as possible.

How accurate are automatic timesheets?

Incredibly so. Unlike your average worker – who, surprisingly, can’t recount everything they did last Tuesday – automatic time trackers capture everything you work on. This data is directly represented on automatic timesheets, making the final result a highly-accurate account of what you actually did.

Improving accuracy was one of our key motivations for developing automatic timesheet creation. By recording everything, automatic time tracking apps capture the whole picture. They can help you discover all your rightful billable hours – including those that fall outside of your normal working day.

How do I use automatic timesheets?

Simply install Timely and get stuck into your work! It works across all devices (mobile, tablet and desktop), so you really can work anywhere. At the end of your working day, your timesheet will be waiting for you for review. You can edit anything before making it public.

Is my logged data safe?

Utterly. All the data you track in Timely is private to you alone, any no personal information will ever be pulled into your timesheet. Time entries are made as suggestions, meaning nothing goes live until you approve it. Everything is fully editable and you have complete control over what information you push public.

Why should I use automatic timesheets?

If you hate filling out timesheets, this is a no-brainer. But the value of automatic timesheets extends far beyond that. Automatic timesheets mean you:

  • Never miss out on billable hours
  • Get an accurate understanding of employee productivity
  • Remove the overhead of manual timesheet creation
  • Free employee time for high-value productive work
  • Accurately gauge your business’ health
  • Improve estimation and reporting
  • Strengthen client relationships with transparent, accountable dealing
  • Never let timesheet creation delay invoicing

Convinced? Try it out! You and your whole team can trial automatic timesheets completely for free by signing up to Timely's AI beta.

To help get your team on-board, we’ve broken down how automatic time tracking benefits CEOs, managers and employees alike.


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