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G2 4.8 stars out of five!
"[Timely] captures so much billable time for the business without it there would be lost time and money."

Sonibha M.

Graphic Design Small Business

Case Studies
Yummygum gains insights into competitive pricing and services
"We can estimate our performance against competitors to offer competitive pricing that we know is profitable."

Vince Schwidder

G2 review

"Timely is easy to use! The AI makes it even easier. I can track an 8 hour day in under 10 minutes"

Leader -  Winter 2024
Case Studies
Compass: real estate brokerage
“By far the best time tracking tool available for enterprise companies.”

Beau Clark

G2 review

"Timely makes it easy for me to track my time for multiple clients"

Case Studies
Hasan & Co: creative agency group
Ease and enjoyment of use really separated Timely from other time tracking tools.

Timely has helped us change the culture around time tracking...everybody now logs their work promptly.

Oskari Leino
Director, Business Control & Operations

Most implementable - Winter 2024
Trusted by tens of thousands of users, in some of the biggest companies
Case Studies

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Ridestore: retail specialist

A Timely conversation with Content Marketing Leader, David Voge. Learn how Timely supports and coordinates Ridestore’s global remote marketing team, while strengthening the company's profile as an honest, dependable employer.
David Voge
Content Marketing Leader

Yummygum: web design agency

A Timely conversation with UX Director and agency co-founder Vince Schwidder. See how web development and design agency Yummygum uses Timely to effortlessly manage multiple projects and optimize team efficiency.
Vince Schwidder
Stellaris Marketing Consulting

Stellaris: marketing agency

See how Johannesburg-based agency Stellaris Marketing Consulting uses Timely to highlight operational inefficiencies and offer clients full transparency.
Heidi Patmore
Retrospec Films

Retrospec: film production agency

A Timely conversation with Senior Producer Nathan Groves. See how Timely helps a Tulsa-based film production company keep its global client base at the centre of its focus, with transparent billing and efficient delivery.
Nathan Groves
Senior Producer
PTS Group

PTS Group: IT consultancy

See how Bremen-based IT consultancy PTS Group uses Timely to standardize time tracking across its 150 remote and in-house employees – as well as automating their invoicing process and using AI to draft time entries for 7,000 active client projects.
Christopher Schwarz
Director of Organization & IT

Nabler: analytics consultancy

“The best tool for tracking time accurately while protecting individual user privacy.” Discover how data specialists Nabler have unlocked new operational efficiency by trading in their manual time tracking solution for Timely’s automation.
Praveen Dalal
Director of HR

Alana Flick: interior architect

A Timely conversation with Interior Architect Alana Flick. Learn how Timely enables solo professionals to improve their efficiency and bill clients as accurately as possibly, without interrupting their creative flow.
Alana Flick
Interior Architect

Healthfinch: health tech innovator

A Timely conversation with Customer Operations Analyst Vicky Weber. See how Wisconsin-based health tech innovator healthfinch uses Timely to maximize internal efficiency, empower employee wellbeing and enjoy 100% time tracking compliance within their Customer Success Team.
Vicky Weber
Customer Operations Analyst
Hasan & Co

Hasan & Co: creative agency group

Learn why creative agency group Hasan & Partners actually enjoys using Timely, and how the tool has boosted time tracking compliance and accuracy.
Oskari Leino
Director, Business Control & Operations
City of Boston

City of Boston: civic body

“No other time tracking app offered such accuracy or simplicity.” Learn how the City of Boston uses Timely to support its youth development program, enabling hundreds of at-risk young people to secure employment opportunities.
Malaina Saha
Youth Career Development Coordinator

Kyle McDonald: barrister

See how an Australian lawyer uses Timely to automate essential legal admin for his firm, mapping workflows and billing clients accurately for all work.
Kyle McDonald
Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton: accounting firm

“A self-financing, timely investment.” Learn how Grant Thornton uses Timely to support its Tax and Regulatory department in Malta, leveraging automation to transform time tracking from a chore to a simple review process.
Wayne Pisani
Head of regulatory and compliance, Malta

Compass: real estate brokerage

“By far the best time tracking tool available for enterprise companies.” Learn how 17,000-strong real estate brokerage Compass uses Timely to manage employee performance across more than 20 US markets – from balancing resources to keeping everyone focused on the highest-value work.
Beau Clark
Senior Agent Experience Manager
CY Architecture

CY Architecture: architecture firm

See how Viennese architecture firm CY Architecture uses Timely to work with external consultants and automatically track hours across multiple projects.
Christoph Köhler
Architect and CEO

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