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Dewo reinvents the calendar for deep work.
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Blocks notifications automatically

Dewo understands when you reach deep work, and will automatically silence app notifications and trigger ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode on chat apps.

It acts as a protective force field around your work, locking your focus and letting your colleagues know not to expect a response.

Schedules meetings that protect everyone's time

Deep work can’t be snatched in 30-minute intervals between meetings. It requires time and presence.

Dewo helps you get there – intelligently scheduling meetings to protect the time you have available for deep thinking.

Shows you how to work better

By tracking your web and desktop activity, Dewo learns what distracts you — from context switching to your most unproductive apps. With these insights, it makes active suggestions to improve the way you work, helping you set up for regular deep work.

The perfect meeting time with the lowest impact on everyone’s deep work

Dewo analysis everyone’s week and shows you suggestions for the best meeting times. 

Common questions and answers

What is deep work?

Deep work is a concept created by Georgetown Professor Cal Newport, who defines it as: “activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limits”. Simply put, deep work produces your best work; the kind that grows company profit, feeds employee purpose and drives society forward.

Dewo is all about removing digital distraction, understanding productivity and learning how to work smarter. It’s your intelligent personal assistant for doing more of the work that matters.

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How does Dewo work?

The whole tool is driven by the Memory app, which captures everything you do across web and desktop. It's the same app we use in Timely, our automatic time tracking tool used by over 5,000 companies across 130 countries. User privacy and data security is central to all of this.

Dewo’s machine learning then uses this data to analyze your productive patterns and make active suggestions to help you work smarter. Each Dewo user effectively gets their own Deep Work Algorithm, trained using their data alone — which means Dewo’s outputs are tailored to each user's specific way of working.

Do I have to pay?

Nope! The current version of Dewo is completely free to use. While we may offer premium features far in the future, for now it’s freely accessible to everyone.