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Find the best time to meet across time zones, working hours, and dog walks.

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Use Dewo in any Slack chat or channel to quickly schedule a meeting with all members.

Better meeting times

Dewo uses smart algorithms to find the best meeting time for all teammates that also protects uninterrupted work. Your team can even get meeting free days.

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Simply type /dewo in to schedule a 30min meeting at the best time today. Add tomorrow, this week or next week and any duration to customize your meeting.

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Across time zones, working hours, and dog walks

Dewo takes everyone's unique calendars, timezones, working hours, time blocks and personal preferences into account when trying to find the best time.

Availability is not everything

Do you want a 15min break between meetings? Do you prefer meetings in the morning or afternoon? Everyone can set their own meeting preferences, and Dewo will do its best to respect them all when possible.

connect with your team and clientsconnect with your team and clients

Higher attendance

Expect higher attendance when meetings times are better and the guests well informed. Experience fewer last minute cancels and reschedules because of unavailability.

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Allow guests to add suggestions and plan your meetings together
Reschedule your meetings
with a single click
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better meeting times

Schedule the best time for everyone on just three seconds. Free early access for teams on Slack using Google Calendar for meetings.