Introducing Memory AI – Fully Automatic Time Tracking Powered by Deep Learning


Discover why companies and freelancers love Timely.

Intuitive. Beautiful. Easy.

Timely is based on an interface we all know and love. No need for lengthy training sessions, your team will be up and running in no time.

More time for 'real' work

Timely minimizes the time it takes to track time, so you can spend it on something more valuable than timesheets.

Workers spend at least ten minutes every day filling out their timesheets. If you add it up, that's a lot of unbillable hours every month. Imagine if that time could be spent more productively, how much would your profits grow?

No more double logging

You’ve already scheduled in your calendar, so why do the same job twice?

Connect your calendar so all your calendar events are automatically imported as planned time, ready to add to your time sheet. Whether the meeting finished early, or dragged on, simply adjust it to the correct time and log it to your day.

Stay on top of projects

With project budgets, you'll always have control and know when you need to call your client to get a budget increase.

Set a money or hour based budget for your client's projects. Make sure your team members have the correct hourly rate set, and their logged time will deduct from the budget.

Individual hourly rates

Charge your client your team's true worth by setting individual rates per team member.

Log by activity or phase

Use tags and subtags to track activities and phases in your projects. Understand how time is spent, and optimize.

Understanding how time is spent is critical if you want to improve your pricing and processes. With Timely's powerful tag system there are endless ways to analyze your time data.

See who logged time and who didn't

One page to see who has been good and logged their hours, and who has been naughty and forgot.

When it's time for billing, it's good to know that everyone submitted their hours. A simple overview lets you see who you have to talk to, so that your invoice can go out on time together with the timesheet.

Never forget what you did

Ever tried recalling what you worked on last Monday? With Timely you'll never forget a billable moment again.

Connect your favorite apps and we'll create an activity log that show what you worked on. Who did you e-mail? What Trello cards did you move? How long were you in the office? It’s totally private, only you can see it.

Simple, yet powerful reports

“My clients love that they get a copy of the time sheet and the exact charges are all there itemised. Brilliant!”

Show your clients exactly what they pay for. Timely’s detailed reports shows how your team spent the project budget. Build trust and have clients come back. Export to PDF or Excel.

Automatic reminders

Timely's built in notification system reminds your team when it's time to submit their timesheet. So you don't have to.

Choose the time of day when everyone should receive a notification to log their time and watch it pop up on both their phone and computer. No more nagging your team.

Use Timely on the go,
and on your wrist

Log your hours, wherever you happen to be working from. Using native apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Sometimes your most creative moments are away from the office desk. We made it easy to log your hours where ever you happen to work from at the moment. Download our apps from the app store and start logging hours anywhere.

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