How automatic time tracking works

3A174335-6DFE-48BE-91E2-EAA3A0255863It tracks
It suggests
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It improves

Automatic Time Tracking is currently available in beta for select customers.
Contact support to request access.

It tracks.

Timely records everything you work on using its magical Memory Tracker. All your tracked data is kept in a secure, private timeline only you can see.

You don’t have to turn it on or off every day — just switch it on once
It suggests.

Timely’s AI takes your recorded work, groups it together and suggests time entries. You don’t have to log anything; it details what you did and adds project tags automatically.

Suggested entries appear in Timely the following day
You train.

You check whether Timely got it right. Rename suggested entry titles, adjust grouped activities, reassign tags and confirm your changes.

It improves.

Timely learns from your edits. As its suggestions become more accurate, you can entrust it to manage your whole timesheet by itself – achieving completely automatic time tracking.

All you need to do


Go about your working day


Have a good rest


Review suggestions the next day


Do it all again

Every edit you make trains Timely's AI.
Within a few weeks, you’ll hardly need to change anything it suggests.

Ready to go?

Just install the Memory Tracker on your device to start your new life of automatic time tracking.

Download Memory Tracker