Team Management

Get a complete overview of your team’s time and performance.

Keep track of your team's time and performance in one simple dashboard.

Real-time KPI tracking

Monitor team performance against key metrics, including billable percentage and capacity.

See how time is spent

See exactly where your team spends its time using a customizable tagging system.

Fill incomplete timesheets

Quickly pinpoint missing hours across your team and notify everyone who needs to log their hours with one click.

Document all overtime

Identify unsustainable workloads and overworked employees with the click of a button, to stop burnout in its tracks.

Teams and departments

Arrange people in teams and departments to simplify management and reporting. Assign a lead to each team to control who sees what.

Live activity feed

See what individual members of your team are working on in real-time.

Report templates

Create and share detailed timesheets or reports in a few clicks for payroll, performance reviews and invoicing.

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