Google Calendar time tracking

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Track the time spend in scheduled Google Calendar events with automatic time tracking.

Track time in Google Calendar

Timely makes every second you spend in scheduled Google Calendar events visible:

  • Capture all the time you spend in scheduled calendar events
  • Unlock “hidden” billable hours spent in meetings
  • See where events overrun or are delayed
  • Bill clients accurately for all contact time
  • Monitor your internal spend on meetings

And it’s completely automatic. No need to manually duplicate anything; Timely auto-imports all your scheduled Google Calendar events and tracks the time you actually end up spending in the background.

Connect in a click

Just select the Google Calendar app from Timely’s Hours view to start tracking meeting time automatically.


Follow the integration set-up with your Google Calendar account – connecting as many individual calendars as you like – and you’re good to go.

What it looks like

All meetings and events scheduled in Google Calendar will automatically pull through to Timely, appearing like so:


Just click on an imported event – adding in any delays or overrunning time that Timely has captured – to add it to your timesheet.

Never miss a minute of your work

Timely tracks much more than just Google Calendar. It automatically captures the time you spend in every web and desktop app you use for work – as well as billable time on mobile calls and travel.

Get a completely accurate record of your time – then bill accurately, report effortlessly and estimate with confidence all from one place.