GPS time tracking

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Capture all the time you spend traveling for work with automatic time tracking.

Track time in locations

Timely makes every second you spend on-the-move accountable:

  • Track the time you spend in different GPS locations
  • Bill accurately for travel to off-site events
  • Capture “active work” outside the office
  • See where client meetings overrun
  • Know how long you spend in the office every day

And it’s completely automatic. No wrestling with manual timers; Timely tracks all the time you spend in different GPS locations in the background while you work.

Connect in a click

From your Android device, head to Settings > Connect Apps and select the GPS Tracker app to start tracking location time automatically.


You’re good to go.

What it looks like

Any GPS location you spend a minimum of 10 minutes at will automatically appear in Timely, like so:


Just click on your tracked entries to add them to your timesheet – or use our ready-made dashboards to report and analyze all your GPS location activity effortlessly.

Never miss a minute of your work

Timely tracks much more than your GPS location. It automatically captures the time you spend in every web and desktop app you use for work – as well as billable time on mobile calls.

Get a completely accurate record of your time – then bill accurately, report beautifully and estimate with confidence all from one place.