Memory time tracking

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Memory is the only app you need to automatically track your work across web and desktop.

One app to rule them all

Memory makes every second you spend on work accountable. Start tracking time spent on:

  • Project management
  • Research and development
  • Team communication
  • Document creation
  • Client meetings
  • Email
  • Admin

And it works automatically. No wrestling with multiple manual timers; Memory tracks all the time you spend on different clients and projects in the background while you work.

Connect in a click

Just select the Memory app from Timely’s Hours view to start tracking the time you spend in all your work apps.


And you’re done – no additional integrations needed! If you start using a new app, Memory will automatically pick it up and start tracking active time for you.

What it looks like

All the active time you spend in web and desktop applications and browsers (including the actual webpages you visit) will automatically appear in Timely, like so:


Just click on your tracked entries to add them to your timesheet – or use our ready-made dashboards to report and analyze all your activity effortlessly.

Privacy matters

The data Memory collects is highly personal. That’s why you – and only you – can see it. All your tracked data is recorded in a secure, private timeline that only you can access.

Your team can only see the logged hours you’ve personally approved, so no private information will ever find its way to your timesheet. No creeping or spying — the security of your data is rock solid.