Introducing Memory AI
Fully Automatic Time Tracking

Let Timely create your entire timesheet while you work.

The time has come.

You never have to:

Log another hour,

Remember another detail,

Create another timesheet,

Ever. Again.

In 2018, it’s about time we ended manual time tracking.

See how it works

Watch a 2-minute video demo:

What does Memory AI solve?

Timely doesn’t simplify time tracking; it fundamentally reinvents it.

The overhead, inaccuracy and frustration of manual time tracking is over – forever. There’s no longer a need to chase employees for late timesheets, or even create one yourself. Antiquated Industrial Age methods that we still lean on in 2018 to value and bill for our work can finally be cast aside. We now have a solution that ensures every single billable hour is captured and represented in an accurate timesheet.

And we don’t have to actively do a thing.

Tracked data is private to you alone

The data collected in Memory is intimate and highly personal. That’s why you – and you alone – can see it. No boss, colleague or other user can access it. Your team only sees the logged hours you’ve approved, so no private information will ever find its way to your timesheet.

Memory AI FAQ

What is Timely and who is behind it?

Timely is a product developed by Memory – a Norwegian startup based out of Oslo. We're obsessed about time and think time tracking shouldn't exist as something you have to do manually in 2018. We want to build the time tracking app to end time tracking.

What is Memory?

Memory is a product inside of Timely that tracks everything you do throughout the day automatically, and then creates a beautiful timeline. You install one app, and can optionally also integrate with other services for other types of data.

Can my boss or colleague see my data?

Absolutely not! No boss, colleague or any other user on your account can see the data in your Memory. You – and you alone – can see it. This is very intimate and private data and you should always be in control over it and be the only one that can access it. We didn’t build Memory so someone could spy on you.

Is my data safe?

Yes! We use the world-renowned and highly regarded Amazon Web Service (AWS) for our infrastructure. Amazon is one of the largest providers of hosting software in the entire world, spend massive resources on security and undergoes recurring assessments of risk and security. It's as safe as it gets.

For the more technical types out there, the servers are accredited under ISO 27001.

If I delete something, is it deleted from your servers?

Yes! Anything you delete is properly deleted from our servers also. In addition to that, you can also use an upcoming feature to wipe your entire Memory history.

Can Timely access my data?

To be able to present the data, we have to be able to access it as well. And to run our algorithm to do analysis for grouping your work, to remove the things that are just noise, etc, it has to be accessible.

So in theory, the most senior developers on our team do have access if they opened the database directly and dug deep. We do however not allow that. There are several processes in place internally at Timely to prevent any kind of spying or looking through data without a specific reason.

This is your private data and we intend to keep it exactly that.

Any questions? Please don't hestitate reaching out on [email protected].