Timely Product Updates

Stay up to date on the latest Timely features.

New Design for iOS

We were so excited by iPhone X that it sparked a full redesign of our whole app. Hit the jump and see how it looks!

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You asked, we built: Introducing Teams

Managers of the world rejoice! 🎉 We’ve just released an awesome new Timely feature which makes managing employees so much easier, and we’ve creatively named it “Teams”.

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Location, location, location

Ready for an adventure? We’ve got your back. Or rather, your feet. From now on – wherever you wander – Timely’s location tracker for mobile can show exactly where you’ve been and for how long. It’s launching on Android today and coming to iOS very shortly.

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All your phone calls in Memory

No matter how you schedule your day, unexpected things always pop up (or rather, people). But with our latest Android release, we’ve made dealing with them so much easier!

From now on – wherever you are, whatever you’re in the middle of – any calls you make or receive will be showing up in the Memory timeline!

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Introducing Graphs Dashboard on Reports

Graphs galore! Graphs are awesome for visualizing data, and giving you a good feel of how things relate to each other where lists simply can't. For keeping track of how things change over time, you can’t beat it.

Today we’re launching a great new Graphs Dashboard view on Reports. By default it shows a month, but you can filter down just like you can on the old timesheets page.

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Two New Launches for Windows: Memory Tracker and Timely

Today we’re super-excited to get both the regular Timely experience out on Windows, as well as the all-new Memory Tracker. Memory radically simplifies time tracking by creating a completely automatic timeline of everything you did in a day. You never have to try and think about what you worked on ever again.

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Introducing Memory on Android 🎉

Logging hours is a tedious task, but Memory radically simplifies it by creating a completely automatic timeline of everything you did in a day. You never have to try and think about what you worked on ever again.

Thus far, Memory has only been available on the desktop web version, but today we’re thrilled to introduce it on Android!

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Big new features: Control page, lots of app integrations, billed system and bulk-updating

Timely is getting a slew of awesome new features today! Check 'em out:

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A Completely New Timely

Aah, the smell of new software! 🥓 Timely is completely new this morning with a whole new architecture. Every single line of code has been re-written from scratch. For you that means Timely just got crazy faster and have a slew of new features and changes. You can also expect new features to be built faster going forward.

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New Reports page, iOS and Android updates

March is almost over and we thought we’d share an update about some new things that have been launched:

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Launch: Timely for Android 🎉

We’re thrilled to launch the newest addition to the family; our Android app! The number one reason why people couldn’t use Timely in their team has been the lack of Android support. Today that finally changes.

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Memory Is Now Open to Everyone (plus some initial feedback)

We’re humbled and pretty damn excited about the response so far to Memory! 😍 We quickly reached 10,000 signups for the beta and have been sending out invites in big chunks every day since launch.

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This Is A Big One: Introducing Memory ✨

We are extremely proud to be able to show all of you what we’ve been working tirelessly on for the last few months. We think it’s a game-changing moment for us as a company and for anyone that logs hours. Not only that — this is the kind of product that will get exponentially better as time goes on. You get the point — we’re very excited! 😍

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Launch: Log Hours Using Timestamps

Calculating time is surprisingly hard. How much time is between 10:30 and 15:05? Or 07:30 to 17:00? 🤔 If you do the math wrong by an hour or even only 30 minutes, you can loose a lot of money.

Today we’re launching a new feature that should simplify that problem a lot: The ability to log hours using timestamps. ✨ It’s been a highly, highly requested feature, but one we were weary about adding due to the complexity it potentially could add.

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Introducing Tasks and Logged vs. Planned Time

Timely isn’t just about tracking time. It’s about working better and smarter. About getting things done and about being productive. And it is — just as importantly — about understanding how you spend your time and letting you learn from it. We’ve just scratched the surface, but today we’re making some changes toward the core way Timely works to fulfil that kind of promise.

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