Hiring: Remote Front-end Developer (Angular)

Written on September 24, 2015

So we got all this cool stuff we want to do at Timely. But then there’s only so many hands in the team to make those things a reality. So… we’re looking for a really great AngularJS front-end developer to join our small team on a full-time basis.

Older and wiser memeTimely is growing rapidly and we now have tens of thousands of users, so it should be a fun experience where your work will be used by lots of people every single day.

We’re looking for an AngularJS expert, not someone who “has used it in the past”. You can be anywhere in the world, all we require is that you’re damn good at your job. You should love going that extra mile to get that one feature just perfect.

Previous experience with Firebase is a plus. Any experience working with AngularJS in a rails environment would also help, but we’re not looking for a rails developer.

The position come with tons of freedom and you can choose your own working hours.

Interested? Please email [email protected] with the subject AngularJS. Make sure you include links to past work.

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