Introducing Tags

Written on May 10, 2015

Today we’re launching a new feature that will let you get a better and more detailed overview of where your time is going. Starting today, when you add a new entry, you can add tags in the notes section using the hashtag symbol.

Under each project, your time will be split into these categories.

For example, you could add #meetings, #design and #programming, and know how much you spend on each part.

Adding tags to entries are really simple. When you’re writing a note for your entry, simply write #, and your existing tags will show up. If you don’t see the tag you want to add, just write it out. E.g. #phase-one. The next time you add a new entry, you’ll see that tag.

An entry can have as many tags as you want. The only special characters you can use are underscores (_) and hyphens (-).

We hope you like it.

PS: Tags aren’t supported on the reports page just yet, but this will be coming later.

Tags in Timely

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