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Memory Is Now Open to Everyone (plus some initial feedback)

Written 08 February, 2017, 1 minutes to read

We’re humbled and pretty damn excited about the response so far to Memory! 😍 We quickly reached 10,000 signups for the beta and have been sending out invites in big chunks every day since launch.

There were a few smaller upgrades that had to be done to the architecture and servers this weekend, but other than that the system has been preforming superbly! We’re very confident with everything continuing to work well with many more users, so Memory is now open for everyone!

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Some of our favourite comments from the launch:

Reading your feedback and initial reactions has been awesome! Here’s a small sample of some of our favourite comments:

Daniel Dunderfelt

Shaun Tollerton

David Benjamin Kopp


Brian Krall

Lasse Rafn


Xavier Lambrix

Bill French


Douglas Evaristo

Bianca van Rensburg

Jowita Emberton


Seb Kreutzberger

Xavier Lambrix

Now go sign up for Memory and tell us what you think :)


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