We’re growing fast and are on the hunt for 12 amazing people to join our team!

Written on May 10, 2016

Think about the unprecedented potential it would be to increase world’s productivity by one, two or three percent. What kind of progress we would make. Time is the world’s most precious resource and we think utilizing it better is the key to pushing forward.

This is not your typical workplace

We don’t see our jobs as jobs, but as a lifestyle. We work hard, because we have a need to create. To invent. To build something bigger than ourselves. We want to move the needle forward.

Check out this mini-documentary to learn more about us.

Timely employee benefits

12 full-time positions available:


  • Product Designer/ Product Manager
  • Marketing Designer


  • Front-end Developer #1
  • Front-end Developer #2
  • Backend Developer
  • Android Developer
  • iOS Developer


  • Commercial Director
  • Quality Assurance/Support
  • Account Manager / Customer Success
  • Growth Hacker/ Data Analyst
  • Open Application
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