AI Powered Time Tracking

Timely lets creative professionals focus on their job instead of filling time sheets. See how time is spent, send correct invoices to your clients, and capture lost billable time.

Capture lost
billable time

Timely's artificial intelligence captures work that usually go unreported, like travel, client e-mails, daily digital communication and overrunning meetings.

Create accurate timesheets for invoicing

Timely automatically tracks and stores everything you work on, so nothing is forgotten or misremembered. Every detail makes it to your timesheet.

See how time is spent

Timely breaks down tagged tasks and individual activity for each project, so you know exactly where time goes.

How Timely's AI time tracking works:

Timely tracks your activity.

Timely records your activities using its magical Memory app. All your tracked data is kept in a secure, private timeline only you can see.

You don’t have to turn it on or off every day — just switch it on once
Our AI suggests a project.

Timely’s AI takes your recorded activities, groups it together and suggests which project it belongs to.

Activities are grouped into categories and projects.
Accept or make changes.

Check whether the AI got the project right, or correct it with a click. Once you accept, Timely creates a beautiful time sheet for you.

The AI improves.

Timely's AI learns from your edits. It will quickly become accurate enough to handle your time sheets completely automatic.

It's really simple:


Go about your working day


Review suggested entries


Do it all again

Every edit you make trains Timely's AI.
Within a few weeks, you’ll hardly need to change anything it suggests.