Release Notes

Lifetime Project Reports & Misc Bugfixes

Released 03 May, 2018

Get an overview of the entire lifespan of a project with improved Project reports, including cumulative charts!

Changes in this release:

  • Project Status page now reports on the entire lifetime of projects, and hours are presented as cumulative graphs.
  • Project activities moved to its own tab.
  • Improved display of certain activities (the change will only affect future activities)
  • Fixed issue with certain tags appearing with broken images.
  • Fixed issue with Memory details expanding for all memories at the same time.
  • Fixed visual bug on Notifications in navbar.
  • Improved error handling for Report Templates.

Note: If you encounter Project Status reports that don't include the entire project lifespan, you'll need to log a new hour to the project for the lifespan to be recalculated. (Feel free to remove the hour immediatly after!)