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Unique in all aspects

Before finding Timely, I was reviewing some 20-30 different time recording services and they all were kind of ..crap, means totally missing what my primary goal is. And the goal is to have as little as possible interaction with a time tracking service, while still maintaining precise and trustful accountability.

This is exactly why I like Timely: you always have the ability to record your time at your fingertips, have a short overview at any time and get monthly reports automatically done for you. Worth each penny!

Andrey Sedelnikov, Director @ App Magnetics

I'm a believer and switched over from Toggl!

I am in a consultant position where emails, meetings, and projects fill my day. I was using Toggl but found that I had to "remember" to go back through my email, my projects, my calendar all manually and try to piece together what happened each day. The UI frustrated me and wasn't conducive to playing "catch up". It seemed like Toggl is best suited for those that always have a timer running.

I am working on multiple things at once, am interrupted often, and a timer isn't necessarily the best method to track time.

After finding Timely, this changed. I love time tracking. I can drag and drop all of the emails I sent for the day with the Gmail integration, drag and drop my meetings of the day with the Google Calendar integration. My time tracking is fun, easy, and I don't feel like I'm playing catchup, I'm just recording what I'm doing on various channels!

Dan Drazba, Team Lead @ Lytics

Best Time and Billing software on the market

I am very happy with this app. I have used, and built a few, time tracking systems, and am amazed by the thought and detail put into this service. Super clean and easy to use UI. Web, Mobile and Desktop applications.

Stephan Smith, CTO @ Meenta

Really helped my admin and billing

I have been using Timely for years now, and its completely transformed my billing and process. When I first started to use it, i was a freelancer, so found it extremely useful to log the precise timings of the varied jobs I had to work on throughout a day.

Now I look after a team and spend much more time on Skype and in email and such, which is harder to bill. However with the introduction of the new day planner and connected apps, I plugged in Rescuetime and Trello. Now and a don't miss a single task during the day. Timely is the first app I open in the morning. Great work guys. Keep it up!

Jim Fielden, Creative lead @ Fielden & Co.

Make more money by tracking time

Prior to using Timely, I was guessing how profitable my work was. But now with hard data, I can see what's working whilst also planning time ahead. This is an excellent feature of the product -- planned vs actual time spent. I can also see how much work I can realistically fit into each week. Great solution. Love Timely.

Will Roffé, Creative Director @ Fearless Brands

Where have you been all my life?

Timely is the easiest time tracking software I've used. It's also pretty good looking! I've been using Timely for a year now. At the beginning I enjoyed the experience and thought it did everything I needed it to do. Then the awesome folks at Timely started adding new features, features I didn't realize I wanted/needed until they came out.

Overall, the easy of use, nice aesthetics, and feature enhancements make this one fantastic time tracker. I highly recommend anyone juggling multiple projects give this a try!

Angel Alvarez-Mapp, Graphic Designer, Self-employed

Increased my revenue by at least 25%

I increased my revenue by at least 25% by accurately entering my time. It is so easy. And the mobile APP when I visit a client is great if I plan the time, when I go in to client I discretely hit the "Start timer" ...also the billing part to help me invoice is awesome...billing used to be so hard going through emails, my calendar, etc., now I just go to projects and it has it totalled up for me and then I click "Billed" and it's off to the next billing period..

Lisa Foster, Principal @ Adiuvo Consulting - Sterilization & Quality Systems

Makes logging time fun!

The most user friendly time logging application I have ever used. So easy to toggle between projects. When a client calls, I have already switched logging before I answer the phone. The graphic user interface looks great, and it really makes logging time fun!

Sissel Tangen, Designer @ Bolt Communication

Great program for time tracking!

Keeping up with time is very important in my agency when we are working on different projects. Knowing how much time and the cost helps us keep our prices on point when we are quoting projects.

Jennifer Wiggins, CEO @ Clear SEM Solutions

You’ve never seen a time tracking app like this

Time tracking apps are among the most predictable and boring apps. And then there’s the new Timely. I’m pretty certain you’ve never seen a time tracking app like this. It’s the one time tracking app that you’ll actually want to use, it looks so nice. Plus, it’s simpler than most to use, thanks to its drag-and-drop calendar.

Timely is an all around winner if you have any reason at all to keep track of the time you spend on your work. It’s beautiful, innovative, and entirely unlike every other time tracking app in the best ways possible.

Matthew Guay, AppStorm. Read the full article.

You cracked the code

I’m impressed. You’ve really cracked the code for how a time tracking app should be designed.

Jonathan Ibsen, Developer

First app I’ve really loved in awhile

Thank you for breaking the mold on time tracking. I’m really impressed. First app I’ve really loved in awhile.

Matt Everson, Astuteo

Timely cuts around the unnecessary complexity

Logging hours spent on projects doesn't sound fun or interesting, because it isn't. But the people over at Timely are here to help. Timely is a refreshing new take on an otherwise mundane and soul-sapping exercise. I like how the app cuts around the unnecessary complexity of some of its rivals.

The mark of an excellent app/service, in my book, is if it can make the dull activity, fun. That's a challenge that Timely meets with flying colors. Even if you're new to logging your time, Timely is a beautifully simple, yet fully equipped, way to start. If you’re a freelancer or if you just need a service to log time worked on projects, Timely is, without question, the service for you.

Thank YOU [Timely]. You’ve saved a lot of people from the horrors of time tracking done the old way.

Rajat Sharma, Beautiful Pixels. Read the full article.


Amazing! Thank you for creating the app I’ve been looking for for years! Great tool, with a beautiful design.

Mia Holte, Holte Design

Take your time back with Timely

Timely’s method of time tracking is to work from people’s existing schedules rather than make them create and fill in details of events after they’ve happened. Seems quite obvious and sensible now that's someone has suggested it.

Ian Anderson, Arctic Startup. Read the full article.

Best time tracker I've used

This is literally the best time tracker that I've ever used. Fantastic design. The new interface and UX generally is gorgeous.

Joseph Blau, Attensity

Amazingly simple

Timely looks great and is amazingly simple to use – for both freelancers and big agencies. Nice work!!

Ole Henrik Golf, freelancer

Love the design

It’s amazing, intuitive and very simple to use. I love the design.

Mohammed El-Cheikh, William Adams LTD

Love the interface!

I love love love your interface and I also really like your thing about not forcing people to track start/end times.

Jon Amar, Solomon Giles Design

Exactly what I was looking for

I'm a freelance visual artist, and was looking for exactly what you have created! I'm loving it, and I'm spreading the word.

Christian Kim, Freelancer

Clean, simple and intuitive

Love Timely so far. So clean, simple and intuitive.

Deniss Karavajev, Fine Digital

Thanks for the awesome tool!

Loving it so far! Thanks for the awesome tool!

Richard van der Dys III

You're on to something big

Great idea – you’re on to something big.

Bill French, Vizyx

Timely looks gorgeous

Just wanted to say your app looks gorgeous.

Paul Sagor, Superpartners

Super interface

You have a super interface. Very Very nice. Great product.

Jakob Gehl, Blue Solutions


It’s just AWESOME!

Rémy Kohler, Comète Co


This is impressive. VERY good.

David Jensen, EyeQ


Amazing looking service so far!

JQ Spiller, designer

You ticked a really big box for us

Currently we use Google Calendar to schedule, then log times in Harvest. I’ve yearned for something that Scheduled the team better by project and now you’ve connected that to our time tracking.

Karl Murray, Hustle and Praise

Incredible simpliticy

I find simplicity of time tracking with Timely incredible. That's exactly what I was looking for all these years instead of complex and unresponsive systems. Friend recommended it to me, and Im sure I will pass the word further.

Paweł Krawczyński

Very user friendly and intuitive

We have tested other systems, but was immediately thrilled by Timely. Very user friendly and intuitive compared to a different app we've used the last two months. Congratulations with a very good system!

Mette Hanssen Døsvik, Reddi

Unique scheduling

I really like Timely. It is a unique and great way to schedule things.

Lena Shore, Lena Shore

Really like it

Congrats on the new Timely. I really like the whole concept.

Koen Mertens, Pixeo

Planning and estimates is a really good idea

Thank you for your product, timer with planning and estimates is really good idea.

Vladimir Fishchenko