People all over the world love tracking time with Timely

The Memory tracker is GREAT for people like me who forget to track their work all the time.


The essential piece of software you need to take charge of your life. Intelligent enough to save you time while tracking your time, with as little input from your side as possible.


It's so convenient - it picks up the smallest amount of time that I would never have been able to track myself, and I love that it tracks the documents you worked on and websites you visited; that's so crucial for billing individual clients


Finally, you can track everything you work on. Never spend a minute unpaid!


One of the slickest and most intuitive time-tracking software you'll find.


Timely makes it so easy to understand how we’re spending our time on customers, and all our billing is automated at the end of each month.


Timely is the perfect sparring partner for time tracking, either on the go or while doing deep work at home. Its makes more productive and makes sure I do the right things more productively.


We have a remote team, and work on the go with irregular hours. Conventionally time tracking software hasn’t been flexible enough for our needs, and that’s why Timely is great.


Exceptional visibility around where you are spending your time. You can't improve what you don't measure.


Remembering to set a timer is hard enough... remembering to stop it when the phone rings or I have to dash to a meeting is nearly impossible. I first tried Toggl about a year ago, but figured there must be something that will automatically track activity on my PC. Then I found Timely, and I couldn't be more pleased with it.


Almost effortless way to see how you're using your time. I love the automatic memory tracker!


It was always chaotic trying to keep track of billable time spent on clients. Now everything gets logged automatically in a neat perspective. Really intuitive and beautiful tool to effectively track billable time and money.


One of the best ways to manage your hours and bill your clients per project. I love the simplicity of the tool; that I can control my rates per hour, set monthly and weekly budgets, and budget by time or by money.


I was looking for a tool to help me better organize my work. But with Timely, I soon discovered I could better organize my team too! It helps me identify where we are effective (and profitable), and where we need to improve our workflows. I work better with Timely, and I have a better understanding of my employees' time without making them feeling controled.


Tracks time automatically without the need for a stop/start button. Even if you've forgotten to track your hours, Timely hasn't.


Timely is my guardian angel, looking out for me while I get shit done, day in and day out. Rather than spending an hour every month doing my hours, I can do them in less than 10 mins and trust that it's accurate.


One of the BEST things about Timely, for me, is the ability to plan hours ahead of time, and then to run reports to see where I actually spent my time across the past month. I literally spent 30 minutes nerding out to my significant other that I had FINALLY found the software for me and how cool it was and why I loved it so much!


It's so nice knowing the Memory tracker has my back. Great freaking product; I'm not sure I can work without it now!


Honestly, I’ve only run across a few apps that are jaw dropping “I need this now” in my lifetime. Timely has made that extremely short list of favorites. I’m able to spend less time running my business and more time doing what I was hired to do.


The most advanced time tracker I've used.


I used to feel guilty all the time for not getting everything on my to-do list done. With Timely, I now see that I didn't have realistic time goals for projects. This is going to completely revolutionize the way I focus my days.


Timely is the easiest way not to loose money.


Simple, intuitive and you don't need to go poking through hard data to see key business information.


Manually tracking hours using timers is awful! Timely is the tool we need for modern work.


Great app that takes away the stress of time reporting and allows you to focus 100% on your job rather than tracking your time. That is a massive productivity and motivational boost for me.


The most beautifully designed, easiest to use, smartest time tracking and planning tool I've ever used.


Time tracking and scheduling in a pinch.


I use it for everything from personal time tracking to project time tracking and client profitability.


As I juggle multiple clients every day, being able to tag and run reports saves me HOURS of time and sanity. It lets me track my weekly load and the attention I'm paying to each client.


With Timely's Memory feature, I no longer have to be anxious about trying to remember what I did this or that day. It gives insights on where my time actually goes, so my business can be more profitable.


When I found you guys I was thrilled. Timely allows me to track all of my billable hours across my different client types, and it's intuitive and easy to organize data.


Timely helps me understand the hours I put into each phase/project, so I can write better proposals.


Simple, intuitive, smart, automatic

André Severin Johansen

We've been through a series of time tracking tools, but have always had difficulty with accuracy. So, the big feature that drew us to Timely was the automatic Memory tracker and so far it's worked out fantastically.


Timely's helped me track my hours (& minutes!) to properly set fee structures for projects. No more undercharging.


I don't have to stress that I will forget my hours or bill incorrectly since it always keeps track of what I am doing :)


Timely helps me track trends, target weaknesses, and increase efficiency.


Timely gives me a bird's eye view of data...to help me keep on-track and see what jobs are profitable.


I can make more realistic budget estimations and easily track my hours...without ever thinking about it while out and about.


I love how simple it is to create a report of the work I've done to send along with my invoices.


You take away my most dreadful work, time sheets, and also give me better overview of my actual work. Thank you, worth every penny!

Þorleifur Kamban
Þorleifur Kamban

This app just gets better and better. Memory was a game-changer for me. I went from constantly forgetting to track my hours and then estimating at the end of the day, to getting a clear and accurate picture of everything I worked on. This information has helped me quote more accurately and track project budgets with ease.

Cat Matteson

Excellent app! Helps me track my freelancing time very quickly. Loved everything so far

Jose Chirivella

Timely is one of the best time tracking apps I've ever used! It helps so well to boost your productivity by taking away headache related to time tracking. Also, it's very easy to use and has vey simple and clear reporting.

Anton Kozhin
Anton Kozhin

it's a great tool and the ability to prepare reports is fantastic - just recommended it to a friend

Elizabeth Noonan

Its just awesome ! Great for a freelancer as myself to keep track of how much time I spend on different project. Its flexible enough to serve a lot of purposes and complex enough to use it for several purposes. Love it!

Hanna von Bergen
Hanna von Bergen

The visual time tracking, the memory. The % of budget used. The awesome support.

Kathryn Pociask
Kathryn Pociask

Because timely is simple and functionally, the support is awesome and you guys react on user-wishes. We like it!

Philipp Kirchner
Philipp Kirchner

Timely is fast, works smooth, can be used togehter with a lot of practical apps and, last but not least seems to be stable,

Ton Dietvorst
Ton Dietvorst

I always forget to start the timer, so the memory tracker feature is perfect for me.

Andreas Alfarè
Andreas Alfarè

Absolut perfect time managing for fast and exactly reports. Easy and great reports. And this helps you get better income :-)

Mattias Westelius

Top notch product and support. Last months a lot of great updates and new features :)

Mark Jongkind
Mark Jongkind

This app made my life so much easier. I used to use excel to calculate working hours and now it's all done for me including reports etc thank you guys


The team and app are great! the app seems to always improve monthly and it is great at keeping me on track of what i'm doing. the team listens to the community and works there best to get close or better the features we ask for.

Jon Mayhew
Jon Mayhew

Because I don't have to think about how much time I'm spending on a project. Timely does all that for me. Which in return makes it a hell of a lot easier to base a quote on past experience.

Simen Strøm Braaten
Simen Strøm Braaten

Best time tracking app on the planet. By far! (I think I've tried them all). The UI is slick and intuitive. All the functionality I need, nothing more. Thanks Guys!

Graham Oldreive

This a great discipline which has had a positive impact on both my day job and freelance workflow.

Patrick Michael Stevens
Patrick Michael Stevens

The interface is beautiful. It is easy to use. Makes my day way more productive by not having to worry about time tracking.

Luiz Augusto Leonardo Mendes Ferreira
Luiz Augusto Leonardo Mendes Ferreira

Smooth experience, easy to log hours, motivating to see the money earned.

Kari W. Romøren

Because it tracks all the documents I was working in, Timely allows me to identify and correct errors, capture time more accurately, and generally take the guessing and anxiety out of capturing my time. Love it.


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