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See how fully automatic time tracking makes Timely the preferred app among productive professionals.

Try automated timesheets as a Harvest alternative

With Timely's fully automatic time tracking, you don't have to manually log your timesheet or to remember to start and stop timers. Everything is automatically recorded and organized into a beautiful timeline for you. You can get back to productive work knowing all your billable hours are being captured.

Leave Harvest's static design behind

Timely automatically organizes all your time into beautiful, simple timesheets. Get an clean overview of all the projects and tasks you've worked on across specific days or whole weeks. Made with love by designer vikings in Norway.

Stop adding integrations individually in Harvest

Timely automatically tracks the time you spend in all active web and desktop apps by default. You don't have to manually add or manage any integrations. If you still want to see how it handles your workflows, check out these app goodies.

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