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Automate employee timesheets

Timely tracks everything your employees work on and uses AI to create timesheets for them. Access a new standard of time keeping accuracy and free people for meaningful work.

Visualize all team activity

Project and People dashboards visualize everything you care about, from budget spend and project activity, to employee capacity and overtime. Every employee has an individual activity page, making it easy to monitor workloads and proactively offer support.

Improve team efficiency

Timely provides powerful insights into the ways you work, so you can master your productive flow. Every employee gets a complete picture of their working day – from task durations to inefficiencies and distractions – so they can create the conditions for more productive work.

Capture revenue and costs

Timely ensures every billable detail makes it to your timesheet, but it also surfaces common hidden costs. Break down all the work that goes into clients, projects and running your business – from overrunning meetings and travel, to daily task management, research and communication.

Join the 4500+ companies using Timely

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Free 14-day trial — No credit cards needed