Introducing Memory AI – Fully Automatic Time Tracking Powered by Deep Learning

Be the ultimate manager and make people believe you have superpowers

Timely gives you manager superpowers:

Your team will finally log their hours. No need to chase them.

People forget what they worked on, and they don't want to spend time tracking time. So they avoid it, and you have to chase them down. That's where Memory comes in: A radical new way to track time. Learn more.

One awesome dashboard to keep control of your whole team.

In Timely you’ll see a full month of time and everyone on your team. On any box that isn’t green, simply click it and see exactly what is missing.

Deliver projects on time and on budget.

With a real-time overview of your projects' budgets it's super easy to stay in control and deliver to your clients on time and on budget.

Stop chasing timesheets

Tired of chasing people down to get their timesheets every week? That stops today.

We know how painful time tracking can be. We know people would rather do something else. So we built Timely to ensure that tracking time is as easy and effortless as it can be.
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Capture more time, increase profits

Much of your team's time isn't captured. And that's very expensive!

According to a Harvard Business Review article, about 20% of time spent in meetings and 35% of time spent on e-mails is never tracked. With Timely's automatic meeting import and Memory you'll instantly capture more time.

Greatly reduce overhead

Reduce the time employees spend tracking time so they can do more valuable work.

Imagine that for every hour your team logs, they have to spend three minutes logging time – that's a five percent overhead! Our data shows that Timely's users spend up to 66% less time logging hours compared to enterprise time tracking systems.

Balance team workload

Find out who has available capacity, and who has too much on their plate.

Make sure you're utilizing all your available capacity, while making sure no one burns out. Timely helps you maintain a sustainable workload for your team.

See who logged their hours

Instantly know if all hours have been submitted before you invoice.

One simple monthly view with all team members on the same page. Click a box to see exactly what a team member worked on that day. Set up rules to decide what becomes green or red.

Super simple scheduling

Schedule your team to work on tasks and projects with a few clicks.

A major part of project management is to assign tasks and plan your team’s time. With Timely you can quickly see how much of a project's budget has been scheduled, and how much you have left to assign.

See how your team spends their time

Find out what projects, activities and clients your team spends time on.

Better time management starts with knowing how you spend your time. Timely's powerful reports provides the knowledge you need to optimize and improve your company's time.

Create reports your clients will love

Timely has beautiful and itemized reports to go with your invoices. You choose what goes on them.

Show your clients exactly what they pay for. Timely’s detailed reports shows down to the smallest detail what was done. You have full control of over what to show, and what to hide.

Automatic reminders

Timely's built in notification system reminds your team when it's time to submit their timesheet. So you don't have to.

Choose the time of day when everyone should receive a notification to log their time and watch it pop up on both their phone and computer. No more nagging your team.

Work from anywhere

Cutting edge apps for iOS and Android.

You don't need a desktop computer to keep track of your time. Timely has state of the art apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. So no matter where you are, you can get work done and make sure it's recorded.

What are you waiting for?

Increase your agency revenue, maximize productivity and be the hero.